Monday, July 22, 2019

Cooking Last Week

We started last week out with a couple of Italian dishes.

I thought it would be nice to have bread with our meals, so I made some baguettes on Monday afternoon.


On Monday evening we had rosemary polenta with eggplant and smoked cheese.

So satisfying!  You can find the recipe in this post.

The next day we tried this recipe for linguine with green olive sauce and zesty breadcrumbs.  The description of the recipe is correct when it says it's a "pasta sauce [that] isn't afraid to bite back."

We LOVED it.  We'll be making it again very soon.

I was a bit unsure about the anchovies in the recipe, so we only used two this time, although we couldn't detect them at all, so we'll put the full four in next time.  It may seem like the recipe will be too salty, but it's not.  We didn't salt anything at all (just pepper), as the ingredients, and salted pasta water add all the salt needed.  If you are an olive fan, I highly recommend this recipe.

Dessert throughout the week was a simple white cake (a sprinkle of dried, edible rose petals on top):

And breakfasts looked something like this most days:

Christopher's car was in the shop Tuesday/Wednesday (a bit of a story, but there was nothing wrong with his car in the end, which is great), so he had my car, and I stayed close to home.  It was a short week for him though, as he had Thursday and Friday off!  More about our adventures during those days in the next two posts.

What have you been cooking?  
Do you have a favourite pasta recipe?
How was your week last week?  Your weekend?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ooh, that pasta dish sounds awesome. We love olives so I bet we would like it. I made a pasta dish that called for anchovies but we left them out as I was afraid they would over-power the dish and someone told me to try using them next time as they just add subtle flavor. I think we'd like the briney-ness (is that a world?) of that sauce since we love olives and capers so I'll have to give it a try and just leave the bread crumbs out.

It was SO HOT here last week but we still got out for walks every day but Friday when the heat index was 110F. Well, we did walk 3 blocks to the library and liquor store (mama needed some white wine so Phil grabbed a bottle for me while I returned a library book). But that short walk was rough - I was covered in sweat and Paul was super sweaty and had the reddest cheeks. I love summer but that kind of heat/humidity is a killer combo! We had a pretty low key weekend, though. The family reunion got moved to Sunday as the yard of the couple hosting it was flooded due to a huge rain storm that moved in on Saturday morning. Most were still able to make it, though. I brought a taco salad and someone else brought one, too. What are the chances? I hadn't seen a taco salad at a party in years so never would have guessed someone else would bring one. But oh well, I've been enjoying the leftovers for lunch. It's not as good as it was fresh but still tastes pretty good!