Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Rainy Days

It was a rainy weekend, so we just stayed inside and made waffles ...

Lemon waffles, topped with fresh whipped cream and blueberries.
Had a snacky supper:

And watched movies.

We also went to a 4th birthday party for a sweet little girl, and got to see our friends' incredible new home, which I am hoping will be the location of many more gatherings to come.

On another recent rainy day we made Mexican haystacks for dinner:

And last night Christopher made a delicious dinner of lamb kofta, baked potato, salad, and a haskap berry vinaigrette, which was much appreciated when I got home late from work.  I dug in too quickly to grab a good photo of it.  Oh, and it rained yesterday too. 

I thought we'd be free from rain today, but minutes ago, just as we were finishing our perogy dinner, the sky darkened, and the drops started falling.  Better today than tomorrow when I'm at the beach!

This week will be fun, busy, and exciting for me.  We didn't plan to do much cooking this week; instead we're just winging it with whatever we have around the house.  This coming long weekend we have fun cooking plans though, and we also plan to spend a lot of time outside, as long as the predicted rain doesn't actually arrive.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?
Are you getting lots of rain where you are? 
(It was very needed here, so I am not complaining).


Dione Nahirnick said...

We have been getting plenty of rain here in Edmonton the past couple weeks. I’m loving it. The grass is actually green and growing, not dead and brown. I will never complain about rain either. I don’t enjoy heat or sun very much. I hope we continue to get some rain on occasion throughout the summer.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We have had A LOT of rain here this spring/early summer and we do not need it! There has been a lot of flooding along the creek where we take our walks. I hope we get a nice long dry stretch. My garden is further behind that it usually would be at this point of summer since it's been so wet! We need more sunshine! It looks like the week ahead is going to be HOT though! I'm excited for it.

Our weekend ended up being super low key because Paul was not feeling well. He started to run a fever again on Saturday so I canceled our plans for Sunday and we stayed home. Phil still went to the BBQ hosted by a HS friend but Paul was just too clingy and not himself so I didn't want to bring him out to a get together. He seems to finally be getting over this nasty ear infection, though! It's been a rough 10 days for him.