Saturday, April 20, 2019

Buzz-Feed Link Up

1)  50 pictures that look pretty much exactly like your childhood.

Wow, was this ever accurate for me.  I totally wanted #3, but my parents bought me a foam phone for Christmas in grade 6, which was just as cool, and even better since it matched my black and white bedroom perfectly.  In fact, I wanted a completely black and white room, so they even let me have white carpet to match my pure white walls.

Pretty crazy for a kid, but I kept it clean.

All of these images brought back so many memories.  I still love #17 and #18 to this day, and all kids still love #20.  I miss my pair of #43, as those were the coolest, and I still own and use #45.

2)  If anything was going to trigger my husband, this post would be it.  Haha, sorry honey!  I love you.

3)  I am not sure how I feel about this.  I worked at Dairy Queen for many years, and they've always stuck with the one kind of ice cream (the chocolate was only ever used for cakes), and the one kind of dip.  They've perfected it, and don't need to switch things up.  Although, I might try one, because mmmmmm!

4)  We recently watched the show Dating Around on Netflix, and loved it!  It's a dating show, where you basically get to listen in on a person's series of five blind dates.  Each date is at the same place, but with someone different on a different day, and it's so interesting to hear the conversations, etc., and see how people interact.  This Buzz-Feed post shows the different places that were visited on the show in NYC.

Speaking of dating shows, I totally stayed up waaaaaaay past my bedtime on school nights, on numerous occasions, to watch the dating show Studs on that tiny little black and white TV in the picture above.  In grade six.  Not sorry.  I miss that show.  Dating Around is a good replacement though.  But, now that I am totally a grown up, I don't have to turn the volume down to one and listen for footsteps coming down the stairs.

5)  Here's why pro chefs love instant espresso powder.

I am no pro chef, but I too absolutely love this stuff.  I bought a container of it quite a while ago for a recipe, and use it all the time now.  It's an ingredient in my favourite brownies, favourite chocolate cake, and one of my favourite pies.  I also use it in this mocha coconut quinoa for parfaits.  In the chocolate treats it doesn't add a coffee taste, but instead brings out the chocolate flavour.  I've also used it in chili, whipped cream, oatmeal, and so many other dishes.

6)  And this Buzz-Feed post just made me happy.

Have a wonderful day friends!

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