Monday, March 4, 2019

Hooray! For Havana

The highlight of our trip happened after dinner at El Cocinero, when we descended the spiral staircase, and went into the other part of the gorgeous building, which used to be a peanut oil factory.

We entered Fabrica de Arte, the absolute coolest music/art space we've ever been in.

If we knew people heading to Havana, this would be the one place we'd say is a must.  We had never seen anything like it.  It's part art gallery, part live music venue, part night club, part eatery, etc.

It's a large space, separated by different levels and rooms.

You pay $2 to get in, and it's open until the wee hours of the morning.  You can walk into each of the different spaces, and experience something unique in each one, and then by the time you make your rounds, and are back in the the room you started in, something new is happening in there, and it continues all night.  We saw a few different bands playing, a bunch of people doing a hip hop dance in unison (one person started it, and the rest of the crowd picked up on the moves quickly and joined in), a room full of people young and old all dancing to electronic music while the weirdest, but most awesome music videos played on a big screen ...

There was incredible art work everywhere, places to buy food and drink, an outdoor area with music pumping, and people mingling under the lights.

If we ever make it back to Havana, we'll spend more than one evening at Fabrica de Arte.

It's definitely the place to see and be seen.

The crowd ranges from young adult to seniors, and everyone is tearing up the dance floors, admiring the art, and grooving to the music just the same.

We did a lot of walking when we were in Havana.  Like, a lot.

Just roasting a pig in the front yard ...
We also took a bunch of colectivo taxis (where you basically stick your finger out to hail an older car, and then they pull over and you get in, and then get out and pay near your destination; however the car will pick up other people along the way).  The old cars really are everywhereNone of them have seat belts.

One day we went for a guided tour in an old convertible.

Canadian Embassy
We spent a day at the beach ...

And overall had an interesting, and educational trip to Havana.

It wasn't easy to come home to the longest cold stretch the province has had in about 80 years ... but it was nice to sleep in our own bed, and have a hot shower once we were home.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  Is it warming up where you are, or is it freezing like it is here?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That club sounds so cool and unique! I can see why you loved it. I bet you are really missing the warm of Cuba now. It's been horribly cold here, too. We got 6" of snow on Friday. The snow is piled up so high and we might get more this coming weekend. Wah! yesterday it was -23F with the windchill when I was waiting for my bus. I'm so tired of winter! We are going to Florida in about a month and that trip can not come fast enough! It's ideal for us to go somewhere in February so we'll try to get back to doing that when we are done having kids! I need a break from our never-ending winters!!