Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Frozen Solid

Last week we cooked up a bunch of hearty, comforting dishes, which were perfect at the end of the freezing winter days.

Breaded pork with broccoli-mashed potatoes and corn:

This dinner totally hit the spot.

We had never mashed broccoli into our potatoes before, but the combination was great!  We'll definitely make them this way again.  All we did was add chopped broccoli stems and a few florets into the potato water, when the potatoes were about 10 minutes from being done.  Once the broccoli was tender, we drained everything, and mashed it all up with loads of butter, a splash or two of milk, salt and pepper.

Another evening we had salmon, with brown rice and a coconut curry sauce:

Chicken with dumplings warmed us up one night.

And our dessert all week was cheesecake with a strawberry glaze:

The weekend didn't offer too much relief from the cold.  We stayed inside all day Saturday, but had to venture out on Sunday to run a couple of errands.  And that evening we went to my sister's place to celebrate our nephew Giovanni's 12th birthday! 💙

We didn't do too much cooking on the weekend.  Christopher made pico de gallo, and we snacked on that, and then he used some of it for our omelette one morning.

And the other morning he made a pan scambler:

We also snacked on a poutine over the weekend:

And had a roasted veggie salad on Saturday night:

This week is still freezing cold, and it doesn't appear to be warming up any time soon.  That being said, Havana's temperatures have been sitting at about 29C - 32C for a while, and our daydreams have been spent there.  We'll be more than ready for our vacation once it arrives.

How was your weekend?  How's your week going so far?  Are you frozen too?  Are you escaping the cold at all this winter?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm glad you have your Havana trip to look forward to! Those warm temps are going to feel AMAZING! I can't wait to hear about that trip! We are going to Florida but not until April. That feels sooooo far off. But we waited until Paul was sleeping better to book a trip so the soonest we could go somewhere was April. It will still be a great getaway because chances are, it will still be cold here in April!

All of your food looks so delicious! We've been eating a lot of soups lately. I made a chicken wild rice soup in our instant pot on Sunday. It's sooo good! That was my favorite meal of the week!

Amber said...

I am so excited to hear about your trip! I love that you guys are doing a Havana trip instead of a typical all inclusive resort trip. I think that would be right up our alley too.

What do you use for dressing on the roasted veggie salad? That looks so good! Also I'm totally going to make broccoli mashed potatoes for Olivia!! It's so hard to get veggies into that kid but she LOVES mashed potatoes. Good idea ;)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

@ Amber - we make a dressing with olive oil, either red or white wine vinegar, a dash of mustard, and garlic :-)