Monday, February 11, 2019

A Week of Eats

Last week we kept our meals pretty easy.  On Monday evening we made a roasted vegetable salad again.  These are so good, and much better in the winter than cold salads:

For a dressing we just use olive oil, red or white wine vinegar, garlic, and a squirt of mustard or sometimes dijon.

On Tuesday we had Mexican haystacks:

There was enough leftover to have this meal again on Wednesday.

When we got home from work on Thursday, we were so cold, and really, really did not want to leave the house again.  However, our Spanish class is on Thursdays, so we made a quick dinner of canned soup and grilled cheese, and dragged our butts back outside.

It's a real struggle to go out during weeknights (or at all) in this never-ending cold snap

On Friday evening Christopher picked up a pizza from Juliana Pizza. They wouldn't deliver to us, since we're out of their delivery area, which is something we have not heard of in our little city.  Anyway, he thought the pizza was worth venturing back outside, and I didn't object.

We munched on pizza while prepping a couple things for the meal we'd be having Saturday night with dinner guests.  More on that in the next post!

How was your weekend?  What did you?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Last weekend was pretty quiet for us. Paul woke up with a fever and rash on Friday morning so I stayed home with him and worked from home in the morning. Not ideal as he did not want to be put down but I had several conference calls that I couldn't miss. All were internal - I'd never do a client call from home with a baby! he cried a lot during my last call which was not fun but the call was with women so I think/hope they understood. We layed low on Saturday and then saw my family on Sunday. My parents and sister were in town for my nephews confirmation. They were all excited to see Paul. My siblings hadn't seen him since September!

We've had bitterly cold weather, too. It's hard to motivate yourself to leave the house. It's even harder to motivate yourself to leave the house with a baby! We've had some series cabin fever! I'm hoping to pick up a sled at Target today so I can take Paul sledding in our back yard. We have so much snow out there and I think he'll love being pulled around!!