Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Dinner with Family

On Saturday we spent the day cooking, as my sister and Riley were coming over for dinner.  I got some pibil pork going in the slow cooker:

Roasted poblano peppers for a cream sauce:

And whipped up a couple batches of crepes:

I wrapped the pork up in the crepes, along with some Monterey Jack:

And then covered them in poblano sauce, strips of roasted poblano pepper, and cheese:

That would be the main course, with a couple sides to round it out.

When our guests arrived we visited over pico de gallo and queso in the living room.

Then we had black bean chipotle soup, which I had made the night before.  The toppings for the soup included sour cream, lime, cilantro, chipotle peppers, and avocado.

Next up were the crepes, with corn salad and spiced rice.

After eating, we moved into the living room, and visited for about an hour before having dessert.

It was a really nice evening; we always have fun when we get together with those two!

We ate leftovers on Sunday, ran errands, and then visited with Christopher's parents for a while.  I didn't realize until Monday that we missed the Grammy Awards.  I'm glad to see that Mura Masa won an award, as his debut album is absolutely fantastic.  I was also pumped that Ella Mai won a grammy, and that Beck's Colors album took home two well-deserved awards.  In Christopher's opinion, Colors is the best new album he's heard in the past five years, and coming from a guy who listens to more music than anyone I've ever met, that's some pretty high praise. 

Did you watch the Grammy's?  What music are you loving these days?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We did not watch the Grammy's! I figured I would watch a replay of the artist performances I was most interested in. I was super excited that Brandi Carlile won 3 Grammy's, though. She is my favorite artist and is so talented. I'm glad she's finally getting some mainstream recognition!

The meal you made looks fantastic!! Yum! We love Mexican food so that is our kind of meal! I'm making lentil enchiladas this week for Valentine's day as that is Phil's favorite meal the I made.