Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Wiped Out

Last week started out okay, and just got worse and worse.  I rarely get sick, but I came down with what I think was a flu, although it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before in my life.  The incredible fatigue was the worst part.  I could barely get up off of the couch, and every small movement completely exhausted me.  All the meals we had planned to make last week we pushed forward to this week, and I basically did nothing other than lie on the couch.  Christopher took really good care of me.  Surprisingly I still had an appetite, so he made salads, or I just had soup or smoothies, but it was an effort to down them, and I usually gave up long before I was full.  Most evenings I went to bed at 8:00 p.m., and was still completely exhausted in the morning.  Ugh. 

Luckily I was feeling well enough by Saturday to go to Saskatoon to visit my mom.  We enjoyed her company, and then picked up soup to have in our hotel room, as that was about all I had energy for.  On Sunday I was starting to get some energy back.

I was looking forward to cooking today, as it felt like a long time since I had been productive in the kitchen.  This evening we made scallops with parsnip puree, from the latest issue of Food Network Magazine.

We thought it was pretty good, but not good enough to make again.

I am so happy to be feeling more like myself again, as we have some fun get-togethers coming up later this week.

Have you been sick this winter?  How was your weekend?  How is your week going so far?  Do you have any social engagements coming up?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh, I am sorry to hear that you were so sick! I'm glad that Christopher was there to take such good care of you! Sounds like he was an excellent nurse! I haven't been sick yet this winter - knock on wood - aside from pink eye and a pesky head cold. I'm hoping for a healthy winter. It's hard to get wiped out with something with a little one to care for!

My company's holiday party is tomorrow night but I'll make a brief appearance so I can get home and see Paul before he goes to bed. Then we have Phil's holiday party on Saturday night. We hired a sitter for that which is our 2nd time using a sitter since Paul was born! She loves Paul and seems excited to see him, although he'll only be awake for maybe an hour after she gets here! Other than that we have a few casual get togethers with friends but nothing else which I'm glad about!