Monday, August 13, 2018

Trying New Restaurants

During Christopher's time off we tried some new restaurants that we'd been wanting to visit for a while.  One of those was Avenue, which we went to twice.  We also had lunch at The Meating Room.

This place is known for their fresh and healthy bowls, pitas, salads, pizzas, various juices and smoothies.  Their breads are made in-house, and they grow their own sprouts, wheat grass, etc.

I tried a make-your-own bowl, and Christopher had a lamb pita.

We also shared a green juice, and a couple potent, nutrition-packed shots.

We loved everything!  The rice they use in the bowls is infused with turmeric, which I really enjoyed, and the slow roasted meats are juicy and flavourful.  There are many choices of fresh vegetables and delicious sauces to use in the pitas and bowls, so the combinations are endless.

Another place we tried was Ming Ji BBQ, because we heard the duck fried rice couldn't be beat.  This place is takeout only, and the service was excellent.  We only got the duck fried rice (with some hot sauce that the employee told us to try), but there are so many things on the menu we're looking forward to getting in the future.

The rice hit the spot, and the sauce made it even better.  We'll ask for extra hot sauce next time; it's smokey, spicy, salty, and savoury, and just takes this rice over the top. 

We stopped at one restaurant that we had been to before, Ngoc Van, known for their pho and Vietnamese subs.  You can sit inside, or get the food to-go.  We ordered one sub, one soup, a steamed bun and two fresh rolls to-go, and then shared everything for a couple lunches.

Oooh, and a tasty watermelon bubble tea too!

The soup was my favourite part, but the banh mi sub was also delicious. 

One evening we stopped at Ru downtown for a late night snack.

It was too late to order off their regular menu, so we'll have to go back another time to give it a proper try.  The snacks were pretty good, but nothing spectacular.

Have you tried any new restaurants recently?
How was your weekend?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That Meating place looks awesome! You have some cool restaurants in your city. The watermelon bubble tea sounds so refreshing!

We haven’t tried a new restaurant in so long. I tend to try new ones with my book club, though, as we always meet at a restaurant. Our weekend was very low key as Paul was recovering from an ear infection and I got his cold. So we barely left the house!!