Monday, February 13, 2017

Second Anniversary

Two years of being married to the man of my dreams, and life just keeps getting better.  I have such a crush on this guy - it feels pretty incredible that we get to spend our lives together, and keep growing more and more in love each day.

Our first anniversary fell on a Saturday, which was nice because we had the day to relax, and were able to go out on the town feeling refreshed.  We worked today (as we did on our wedding day), but we still wanted to go out to celebrate, so we donned our wedding clothes (which we've decided will be tradition for each anniversary), and headed out to our favourite restaurant in town, Flip.  The weather today is absolutely gorgeous, and the snow is melting, so it wasn't too bad wearing my sleeveless dress out.

We started with the crispy chicken skin as an appetizer.

Yes, I know how #fat that sounds is.

Christopher had the soba noodle bowl:

And I had beet risotto with duck confit, goat cheese, arugula, pancetta, and other deliciousness:

It was absolute perfection.

I swear this restaurant can do no wrong.

After dinner we headed home for dessert and snuggles

And in true #everydayfoodiecouple fashion, we're going to carry the celebration on through tomorrow, and likely through the upcoming long weekend #celebratelife

How was your weekend?  
If you're attached, when is your anniversary?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy Anniversary to you love birds! It's very apparent how much you guys love each other and treasure your time together!

Phil and I don't really have an anniversary because we had that time apart when I was in Charlotte. Our first date was on October 2nd but we don't usually celebrate that. But we will have an anniversary once we get married on May 19th!!!

suki said...

Happy anniversary! Looks absolutely tasty. :)

Amber said...

Happy Anniversary! Two years already, wow! It definitely shines through your blog how in love you guys are. Our dating anniversary is February 5 and our wedding anniversary is July 9!