Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Weekend Things

On Friday evening we headed out on the highway to go see my mom in Saskatoon.  Due to schedule changes, we no longer get out of the city as early as we used to when heading to Saskatoon, and so by the time we arrive, we're usually completely wiped.  It doesn't help with it being winter and getting dark so early.  We don't like going out to eat when we arrive, since we're usually almost ready for bed, so we just ordered up to our hotel room.  Hotel room picnics are sort of our thing anyway ;-)

Christopher had the pizza, and I had the chicken cobb salad.  We shared some peanut butter pretzel cheesecake for dessert.

On Saturday morning we grabbed a quick breakfast at Poached, before going to spend the day with my mom.  We've been to this restaurant numerous times before, but the past few times we haven't been impressed with the service.  I don't know if we'll go back in the future ...

On Saturday evening we had dinner at a Thai restaurant, Keos, then headed back to our room to relax and get to bed early.

We were up early on Sunday, and beat the rush to Grainfields for breakfast.  We usually order our breakfast, and when we're almost done eating, we put in another order to-go and take that to my mom.

On Sunday evening, once back home, we went to Christopher's parents' house for dinner.  They had snacks set out in the living room to start.

After snacking and catching up, we went into the kitchen for a fabulous meal.  We had ribs, Peking duck, Greek salad, and rice.

Yummm!  My in-laws are such good cooks!

I went back for another helping of the salad, and shared a few bites of dessert with Christopher.  Dessert was a homemade, super moist banana cake with cream cheese icing.

What a meal!

It was a busy, wonderful weekend.  This week is flying by already, and we're looking forward to a quiet, long weekend at home in a couple of days.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  
How is your week going so far?  Did you do anything special for Valentine's day?  

(I'll tell you about our V-day in the next post)

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That meal by your in-laws looks awesome! It seems like you often go there when you come back from visiting your mom. I bet it is nice to come back to a home made meal after eating over over the weekend! Plus it looks like your in-laws are amazing cooks!

We were in San Diego last weekend and had such a great time! The weather wasn't as nice as we were hoping but we still had a wonderful vacation. It was nice to spend so much time outdoors and our dry skin LOVED the humidity! We rented an airbnb with a kitchen and grill so we ate one meal in a day - usually breakfast except our last night we grilled.

For Valentine's Day we stayed in and made dinner together! It was really nice and low key!