Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sri Lankan Cooking Class

When we got married last year, some friends got us a very thoughtful gift card for a cooking class at a local culinary school.  There are different classes each day, but we waited until something really caught our eye - something different, that we hadn't experimented with already in the kitchen, or weren't too familiar with.  When we saw Sri Lankan cooking, we knew it was the class for us.  We had never, as far as we could remember, made any Sri Lankan dishes.

The classes are approximately three hours long, and we made a full meal, from appetizer, to dessert.

In addition to us, there were six other people taking this class.  We worked in two groups of four, and shared the dishes within our group.

The appetizer was fried fish bites.

They were awesome!  We ate them with sriracha.

The main course was a spicy beef and potato curry, masur dal, and pol roti (coconut roti).

The beef and potato curry was made with coconut milk, as Thai curries often are, but had different seasonings from Thai curry.  It was also quite different from Indian curry.  

Everything was really, really good, but we especially loved the dal

The dessert was really interesting, and not like anything we'd ever made before.  It's rulang and date rulwa.  It is made with cream of wheat, butter, brown sugar, vanilla, cashews, dates, and coconut milk.

It wasn't too sweet, which we both appreciated.

We had a really nice Tuesday evening out and came home full, with a few new recipes up our sleeves.

The gift of an experience is always the best kind of gift - thank you Chris, Cori, Alaina and Jeff, for this lovely night out.

Have you ever taken a cooking class?
How is your week going so far?


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fun date night! Where in Regina offers this?

Anonymous said...

I've never taken a cooking class, though I have been considering it for a few years. It seems like the classes at the place I want to cook at often fill up quickly, so I'd have to be on the ball to book one. On the other hand, the fact that they fill up fast is a good sign that they're good classes.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that food looks amazing, especially the curry! I haven't ever taken a cooking class but I took a knife skills class years ago and learned so much!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

@anonymous Culinary Haus 😊

Nicole | Culinary Cool said...

Yay! So glad you were able to take a class at Schoolhaus Culinary Arts! Too bad I wasn't there. It would have been good to see you guys again!

Amber said...

All that food looks sooo good! What a perfect gift for you guys!

I got my mom a Mexican cooking class for Christmas a few years ago. We made fish taco's and spanish rice, it was sooo fun and soo good. I would definitely do it again!