Monday, May 9, 2016

BBQing, Cinco de Mayo, and a Weekend Away

Last week was so gorgeous, so we tried to sit outside as much as possible.  On Wednesday evening we sat in the backyard after work and BBQd salmon, sweet potatoes, and a vegetable medley.

Since Thursday was Cinco de Mayo, we broke out the Latin tunes, and sat outside visiting until it was time for dinner.  We cooked up vegetarian burritos, with sweet potato, beans, onion, seasoning, and cheese. 

They were best with loads of sour cream.

On Friday we headed out of town to Saskatoon to visit my mom.  We checked into our hotel, and then tried a new place for dinner, Pink Cadillacs Malt Shop & Diner

We ordered a burger with mac and cheese, and a corned beef sandwich with poutine, and just shared everything. 

It's definitely a neat place if you're looking for an old-style diner.  The menu is extensive, and I'm sure kids would love it.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel.  We spent all day Saturday with my mom, but she wasn't feeling well, and it had exasperated her MS symptoms.  It was a difficult day.  We grabbed a sandwich and soup to share at Franky's Banh Mi for a quick lunch.

We went back to our hotel room in the evening and just ordered room service, and relaxed.

On Mothers' Day we grabbed bagels for breakfast before heading back to see my mom.

We sat with her all morning, but she still wasn't doing well, and basically slept the entire time.  We zipped out around noon for lunch, and then went back and spent a couple more hours sitting with her before heading home.

When we got back into town we stopped over at Christopher's parents' home to see his mom too ... but that's for the next post.

How was your Mothers' Day?  How was your weekend?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm sorry to hear your mom isn't doing well. I am sure that was so hard to see, but I bet she really appreciates spending all that time with you.

All your eats look really great! It was beautiful here the weekend but we didn't take advantage of it as much as I would have as we were so busy with moving/unpacking/settling in. I was hoping to go for a long walk on Sunday but layed low instead as I came down with a head cold on Friday and didn't want to overdo it since I had surgery this am.

I did have some delicious food on Saturday as my brother made pork tacos for my nephews first communion celebration. He covers it in a bunch of taco spices and cooked it in his smoker. It was sooo good!

Amber said...

I'm glad you got to see your mom for Mother's Day. We were away from my mom for the first time in a few years but with Eric's mom for the first time in a few years - so we took her out for breakfast on Mother's Day and it was really nice.