Monday, January 25, 2016


Our January weekends have been busy so far.  The weekend following New Years we hosted a wine and cheese party, and then the weekend after that we had dinner guests ... and then this past weekend we were off on a little road trip.

On Friday evening we headed to Saskatoon for the weekend to see my mom.  We got into town only about an hour before our favourite restaurant, Seoul, was closing.  We ordered a Korean beef stew for two, and gobbled that down before heading back to our hotel room to crash for the night. 

The next morning we were up bright and early.  We had breakfast in the hotel before going to see my mom for the day.

I had a bit of a headache, so we ate again around 4:30 p.m., and then headed back to the hotel room for the evening.

Our weekends in Saskatoon can be a little bit emotionally draining sometimes, as it's really hard with my mom being in a care home.  That being said, we tend to spend any time not visiting with her either eating, or in our hotel room just zoning out and relaxing.

The next morning we tried The Brasserie for breakfast, but weren't impressed.  The crepes were more like tortillas, and they weren't very warm.

After breakfast we went grocery shopping for my mom, grabbed her some lunch, and then spent the day with her again, before heading back on the highway in the evening.

We didn't feel like buying groceries when we got home (that makes two weeks in a row now of not buying groceries), so we ate Velveeta mac and cheese for dinner.  Mmmmm, carby-cheesy goodness!

How was your weekend?  What did you do?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I can see how it is emotionally draining to go and see your mom. I am sure it's hard to see in a home setting like that. It's just so unfair that some people have to deal with such terrible diseases like MS. I bet she loves your visits, though.

Our weekend was very low key which was nice. On Friday night we had another couple over for dinner and I made chicken enchiladas, mexican rice, and these coffee mug cakes for dessert which were so good. We laid low on Saturday night and watched a movie and then spent most of Sunday on the couch watching football while I knitted. I made us chicken wild rice soup for dinner as that is Phil's favorite soup. I wasn't feeling well due to my RA so it was nice to have a quiet weekend together.

PS - thanks for all the comments! Made my evening to see them! I appreciate that you are always a faithful commenter!!

Alli said...

I can only imagine how tough it is to watch someone you love suffer. I'm so glad that you have Christopher there to lean on.

We spent our weekend in our nice warm apartment staring at the crazy amount of snow outside as NYC got our second biggest blizzard ever. Chris brewed beer and we snacked on fancy cheeses, hot chocolate, and some yummy chili for dinner. I hate the winter, but it was a nice excuse to chill and snuggle with my hubby all day.

Nicole | Culinary Cool said...

I love the food scene in Saskatoon. Too bad The Brasserie was a flop. We are heading up there this weekend and are trying out some new places.