Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Years Day

We started New Years day out with some green tea and a grapefruit.  We then ate some leftover pasta from New Years Eve, and I got to work on making some of Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.

Christopher supervised.  He's a really good supervisor. 

Her recipe is different than what I grew up on, the ones my mom made regularly.  I barely remember not having fresh cinnamon buns in the house.  My mom made them all the time.  I have very strong, fond memories of making cinnamon buns with my mom, spreading that softened butter all over the dough with our hands, and spreading brown sugar and cinnamon everywhere.  My mom knew us kids loved the soft parts of the cinnamon buns best, and weren't fans of the crusty outside, so she put a rim of dough around the pan, before placing the cinnamon buns in, so that should could discard the crust, and leave us with only the soft buns.  She's amazing.

Next time, I'm making her recipe.  I think I've almost been intimidated to do it.  I want them to be as good as hers.  Anyway, I made Pioneer Woman's recipe, with a maple, coffee glaze.

I don't think there is such a thing as a bad cinnamon roll.Even the crusty ones are better than no cinnamon rolls.

After our morning of baking, we settled on the couch and I finally watched Star Wars Episode 4, for the first time.  We had attempted this a while back, but I fell asleep.  Yesterday, I watched it.  We sat up and ate some snacks - smoked oysters, and smoked salmon.

Between today, and tomorrow we're going to watch Episode 5 and 6, so that eventually (when the lines die down), we can go to Episode 7 in the theatre.

For dinner, we wanted to start the year out right, so we had bee bim bop.

And because New Years day fell on a Friday, we're pretty pumped that we now get to enjoy a weekend before we're both back to work.

Were you off on New Years Day?  How did you spend it?


Unknown said...

Love Pioneer Woman and these cinnamon rolls! They are delish!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those rolls look so good! That is one thing I really miss now that I am gluten free. My mom made a lot of rolls when we were growing up, too, and our families twist on them is that we put peanut butter on them when we eat them. Soooo good.

I had New Years Day off and was pretty productive as I worked out, went grocery shopping and then spent a good chunk of the day in the kitchen prepping meals for the week. I roasted a bunch of veggies for a roasted veggie salad that I'll be eating for lunches this week. It's going to be sooo good!

Why am I here??? said...

Happy New Year you two. I can't wait to see what this year brings for the both of you. Trip to Korea in the cards?