Thursday, December 31, 2015

Family Christmas

This will be my first post of the day, and my second last of 2015.  Check back for my final post of 2015 later today.

On Tuesday evening we packed up loads of presents (mostly for the kids), and headed to my sister's place for our family Christmas.  Speaking of my sister, it's her 29th birthday today!!!  Happy birthday Leah!

I had made cabbage rolls earlier in the day to bring along, as well as some perogies.  We were doing Christmas dinner potluck style for the first time, which makes it so much easier for whoever is hosting.

We snacked a bit before sitting down for our turkey dinner.

After dinner we visited, and then moved into the living room for presents.

It was a fun evening!  We drew names the last couple years (other than for kids), and I like that.  I can't imagine how we'd fit all the gifts into the room if we bought for every one.

Do you draw names for gifts in your family?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that food looks amazing. Phil would be all over those cabbage rolls. That is one of his favorite things to eat! I have never tried to make them as I don't know if I can do a better job that this Ukrainian deli that we go to (where they happen to be very cheap).

The siblings in my family don't exchange gifts anymore. We used to draw names but we got to the point where a lot of people were just giving gift cards so we stopped that tradition, which I am ok with. My parents get us gifts and we get our parents a gift, and then my nieces and nephews exchange names, so there is still plenty of present opening!