Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Boxing Day and the 27th - Vegas Style

Our next couple of days in Vegas were relaxing.  When we go to Vegas, we don't walk the strip.  We don't shop.  In fact, I've been to Vegas seven times, and have never been to the outlets.  It just doesn't interest me, and definitely doesn't interest Christopher.  We dress nicely, and lean toward luxury rather than deal finding.

We started boxing day with some tasty coffees.

Lunch was at 800 Degree Pizza.  We shared a couple of meatballs, and the tartufo pizza with truffle cheese, mushrooms, roasted garlic and arugula.  The pizza cooks in about 60-90 seconds!

That evening we went to our very favourite restaurant, the absolute BEST in Las Vegas, Lotus of Siam.  It's not on the strip, but it's well worth the cab ride, and you absolutely need reservations.  They also have the most extensive wine list I've ever seen anywhere.

We shared our favourite appetizer, the nam kao tod.

I ordered what I think is the best thing on the menu, the khao soi braised short rib.  If you visit this restaurant, just do yourself a favour, and order this. 

Christopher had the nua nam tok.

There was not even a speck of food left on any of the plates. 

And then, because Christopher said he didn't know when we'd be back, he just had to order another dish.  He couldn't leave.  He needed more.

Haha, he's embarrassed by how much he can eat ;-)  He ordered the crispy duck on drunken noodles, and ate all of that too. 

On the 27th our breakfast was at The Pub in the hotel.  We were probably up around 7:30 a.m. each day, and at breakfast pretty early.

We shared a sushi roll and a soup for lunch at Dragon Noodle Co..

In the evening we went for dinner to Rao's for some fine-dining Italian style. 

I had one of my all-time favourite dishes, spaghetti bolognese.  Christopher had filet mignon, and the four cheese pasta (basically amazing mac and cheese).

The service at this restaurant was excellent, the bread was perfection, and the four-cheese pasta was to-die-for.  My spaghetti was alright, but ours we make at home is better. 

Christopher's steak was cooked well, but he had to make a note-to-self not to order steak anymore.  Neither of us are big fans of it, and he's always happier when he orders something vegetarian, seafood, or duck.

After our Italian dinner, we went to the Colosseum in Caesar's Palace to see Jerry Seinfeld!!!!!  I had surprised Christopher with tickets on Christmas morning.  We had a great time, and lots of laughs.

The next day we had breakfast, and headed to the airport to fly home.

Have you been to Vegas?  
What's your favourite restaurant in Vegas?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love that Christopher ordered another dish! Too funny! But hey, when you know you won't go there often, you've gotta go all out and make the most of it! That's some impressive eating, though!

Sounds like you guys had an awesome trip. The food all looks so amazing. But that's a bummer that the spaghetti wasn't as good as what you make at home!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh and I have never been to Vegas!