Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Spirit

For two people who won't be home for Christmas, we've been feeling extra festive this year.  Perhaps it's because it will be our first Christmas as husband and wife (best thing ever).  Perhaps it's because the weather has been nice enough that we can more pleasantly run our errands ...

Whatever it is, it's been really nice.  We've been watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, eating chocolates, and enjoying the warmth of the season.

I made some butter tarts recently, and have a couple other treats planned for the next few weeks.

We spent this weekend seeing my mom for our Christmas visit.  We brought some presents to her home, and a bunch of goodies for her to enjoy, and had a nice visit on Saturday and Sunday.  We were pretty wiped when we got to Saskatoon on Friday night - especially Christopher, who works a lot of overtime this time of year.  We checked into the Bessborough hotel, and crashed really early. 

On Saturday morning we were up early, we grabbed a couple of bagels, and then spent the day with my mom in her care home, and attended a care meeting for her.

My mom is very young to be in a care home, and most of the people in the home are quite old, and so cute.  I just love old people!  They are so precious!  So many little old ladies compliment Christopher on his tattoos - it's pretty adorable.  He's so good with them too, and always takes the time to help them out - I love it.

We went for a late lunch to The Mardi Gras Grill.

This place is a great place in Saskatoon to get soul food.  We went back to visit more with my mom after our late lunch.

For dinner we dressed up and went out to Ayden.  We wanted a romantic, Christmasy evening out.  This restaurant is owned and operated by the first winner of Top Chef Canada.  We had gone once before, and it was really good, but unfortunately last night we were dissapointed.

Our appetizers were quite good - we had scallops, and tuna (unpictured).

We shared an entree, and this is where we were really dissapointed.

We ordered the fried chicken and grits, but I wouldn't have called the side dish "grits".  There were barely any grits to be found.  It was a bowl of way too salty, melty cheese, with a grit or two floating around in it.  It was inedible.  The fried chicken left a lot to be desired too.  Oh well - we're glad we only ordered one entree.

We went straight back to the hotel after dinner, and then today got my mom a bunch of groceries, and went for another visit before heading home.  It was a whirlwind road trip, but nice to spend some quality time with my mom.

Tonight, we're cooking a turkey dinner!  We figure the leftovers will last us until we leave for Vegas on Christmas eve.  Hollllllaaaa!!

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  
Are you ready for Christmas?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love that the old ladies love Christopher and his tattoos! And how sweet that he is so good with older people - just goes to show how big of a heart he has. Has your mom been feeling better? Did they ever get to the bottom of what caused the issues she had this fall?

My weekend was really fun. Phil and I did our little Christmas celebration on Friday and then went to his work party on Saturday which was really fun. I am ready for Christmas in terms of having a plan for dishes I will contribute and having presents purchased and wrapped but I'm not mentally prepared as it doesn't seem like it should already be Christmas!

Have a fabulous time in Vegas!!! I can't wait to see what all you eat!!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Yeah, my mom seems to be doing a lot better - thank you for asking! ☺ They think it was severe dehydration ... but the care workers have been making sure she drinks a lot more now. It's sad that they didn't pick up on that in her home before ... the hospital ran every test under the sun on her, and it likely wasn't necessary. Since she can't eat or drink much on her own due to her MS, it's so important that the workers stop by her room and help her often.