Saturday, November 21, 2015

What We're Up To

Our eats last week were pretty simple - turkey leftovers!  We ate turkey all week, and didn't even come close to getting sick of it.

I got home a bit later than Christopher on Wednesday, and when I walked into the house, it smelled soooooooooo good.  He had started on a flavourful turkey stock.

What a man.

We used it to make soup, with noodles, carrots, celery, and hominy.

A couple weeks ago we purged a bunch of stuff from the house.  I went through bins that have been under the stairs for years, and basically threw out their entire contents.  We don't want any unused objects, things, junk, weighing us down.  We're not overly sentimental about stuff, and are really trying to minimize, and not accumulate.  It's time to clear our space.  We plan to do more purging this weekend, and instead of cooking big meals, we decided to mostly have a snacky weekend

Last night for dinner we had a bunch of snacky foods:


There were meatballs, fried pickles, smoked oysters, cheese and crackers, and baked brie.

After breakfast this morning, the rest of our day will include snacks, records, drumming, purging junk, and watching movies.

What are you up to this weekend?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love a good purge!! I have really tried to cut down on possessions over the past couple of years, too, as I find I need WAY LESS stuff than I own! It feels good to get rid of stuff and lighten the load!

Your snacky foods look awesome - especially the fried pickles! Yum! We have had a fun weekend. Friday night we went to a couple of breweries with some friends. Last night we had a couple over for lasagna and cards which was really fun! Today is totally unplanned which I am so happy about because I need a low key day after the string of busy weekends I've had!