Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Weekend

This has been such a wonderful, and relaxing weekend.  On Friday evening we sat out in the backyard and cooked a chicken on the BBQ with some potatoes and zucchini.

It was probably the best chicken I've ever had.  We cooked it over a can of 7-Up, and the cavity and under the skin was stuffed with garlic and ginger.  The skin was so crispy ... I ate way too much of it.  The meat was juicy, and perfect.

We've had a couple wasps hanging around the backyard, so we tested out a method to keep them away, and it seemed to work.  You stick about 10 cloves into a lemon half, and then cut a bit off the end of the lemon so it doesn't wobble around.

Apparently wasps don't like the smell, but we thought it smelled great!

On Saturday morning we made a quick breakfast before heading out to the farmers' market.  We wandered a bit and bought some produce.

In the evening we went out to celebrate our friend Heather's birthday.  We started out at Beer Bros. and then went back to Heather and Chris' place after dinner. 

We had a fun evening out!

After sleeping in really late this morning, Christopher told me to relax while he cooked up a fantastic breakfast.  We had the most delicious omelets with crisp bacon, and some spicy, herb-potatoes.

We had been planning to spend all of Sunday in the backyard soaking up sun, but it's kind of a gloomy day - there's always next weekend

Instead, we're chillin' in the house with snacks.  Can't complain!

How was your weekend?  What did you do?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! That chicken looks amazing! I haven't had a beer can (or whatever beverage) chicken yet this summer! I usually have it at my parents lake home but I have barely been there this summer so it just hasn't happened.

Our weekend was great. We had Phil's birthday party on Friday night. Saturday morning he made me breakfast and then I ran a bunch of errands (and got side-swiped by a guy who didn't see me when he was changing lane but luckily it's just cosmetic damage - but still annoying). We stayed in last night and made dinner and this morning I had my triathlon. It's a rainy overcast evening here which I am actually happy about as it makes me feel less guilty about all the laying on the couch I've done this afternoon/will do this evening!

Veronica Vaughn said...

Your post is making me hungry!!! That chicken looks amazing.

I did lots of hanging out and some shopping. Not fun shopping, but back to school staples, groceries, etc. YUCK!!!