Thursday, August 13, 2015

ProactivCHIA Seeds: Chia Seeds with Probiotics

I've eaten chia seeds for years; I love them!  They are such a cool food, and they can even be used to replace eggs in baking recipes (mixed with water).  When the people at Prana offered to send me a free sample of their new product, ProactivCHIA, I was so excited!  These chia seeds have probiotics with them - 4 billion live probiotics in just one spoonfulPrana is also a Canadian company, which is important to me.

These chia seeds can be used just like you'd use any regular chia seeds.  I usually throw them into my yogurt, add them to oatmeal, toss them in smoothies, or add them to dressings.  I made steel cut oatmeal the other day and stirred them into the oatmeal when it was done cooking, along with some PB and toppings.

The neat thing about chia seeds is they absorb liquid, and become gelatinous and expand when in liquid.  You can make an easy pudding with them by adding 3 T to 1 cup chocolate milk or vanilla almond milk, or another milk-like beverage.  You can then add vanilla, cocoa, or any other flavouring to your pudding. 

I mixed 1 cup sweetened chocolate almond milk with 3 T of the chia seeds and let it sit for a few hours in the fridge.  Then I topped the pudding with coconut, nuts and chocolate chips.  It was a healthy, delicious dessert.

I've been wanting to add probiotics to my diet, and since I eat chia seeds anyway, this is an easy and convenient way to do it.  I'll definitely buy these in the future. 

You can purchase chia seeds and other products from Prana on their website.  They have free shipping within Canada!

Have you ever used chia seeds?
(I sort of really want a chia pet ... have you ever had one?)


Veronica Vaughn said...

I love chia seeds. The only downfall is they get stuck in my teeth! But they really make me feel full faster.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have had chia seeds before but don't have any on hand now. I should get some and put them in my oatmeal! I also have had chia seed pudding and it's so good!