Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Using Things Up

The new oven element showed up today, and Christopher had it fixed in no time!  Yay!  We can now roast this bunch of veggies for dinner tonight:

We're having them with a big salad, as we're trying to use things up from the fridge before vacation.  Our fridge is usually full of vegetables, so that's what we've been using up.

The other day we juiced a bunch of them:

We had the juice with a fabulous plate of homemade perogies.

Last night, in our attempts to use up loads of veggies, we ended up making the best chili we've ever had

We cooked the veggies for a while first, then added ground beef, some soaked red lentils, tomato products, and spices

It was perfection, and it happened by accident.  I love when that happens!  We'll be remembering this chili for next time, and we'll write some stuff down so I can post a recipe for ya'll.

We topped it with other things we were trying to use up, such as cilantro, sour cream, and cheddar cheese.

How's your week been going so far?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that chili looks and sounds amazing! I love chili with veggies in it so I bet I would love the version you made!

This is a short week for us as we leave for California today! I'm so excited! Last night I wanted something light and simple that wouldn't result in leftovers so we made zucchini noodles with my new spiralizer and I used them to make a zoodles shrimp scampi which was really good!

Anonymous said...

What is on the perogies? Looks amazing. I mean, it's pretty hard to go wrong with homemade perogies, anyway.

Allysia said...

Juice and perogies, I love it, ha ha. I've never thought to use red lentils in chili, but it kind of makes sense - I bet it would thicken everything nicely. Putting in a vote for a recipe!