Saturday, February 28, 2015


Reading:  I just finished Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs while we were on vacation.  Christopher read The Dumbest Generation, and we both enjoyed our books.  I haven't started anything new yet.

Loving:  Vegetables.  We didn't eat a lot of salads in Mexico, as we tend to avoid the salad bar.  We were craving veggies when we got home, and our grocery trip consisted mostly of plants:

We've had fish and salad:

Soup loaded with greens:

And, a new favourite, a warm chicken salad (we roasted the veggies first):

The roasted veggies were placed over raw baby kale, and all of that was topped with chicken, and a homemade Asian-inspired dressing.

Thinking:  About recipe creation.  We have a few ideas to try soon.

Frustrated:  By my suitcase that needs unpacking; I hate to unpack!

Feeling:  Excited for our trip to New York coming up.  I miss that city so much, and have felt a longing for it for the past three years.  It will be an excellent place for Honeymoon Part 2 - and I cannot wait to introduce Christopher to my favourite city. 

Anticipating:  A wonderful evening with my in-laws!  They are having us over for dinner tonight.

Watching:  We were watching Fresh Prince today for a bit; I forgot how funny that show is.

Sad:  That I didn't sleep well.  On Saturday mornings I seem to wake up around 4:00 a.m., and then am unable to fall back asleep.

Working:  For less than 30 days before we're on vacation again!

Grateful:  For all the kind words regarding our secret wedding.  People have been so understanding, positive, and happy for us, and that makes us even happier.

Listening:  To Christopher playing bass (a Beck song).  He has taken up bass, and he's a natural.  It was funny, when he told me he was going to start learning bass, I didn't expect to sit down with him and hear him play a bunch of songs on his first day playing. 

Wishing:  To be back in the hot sun of Mexico - it was glorious, and it's freezing here.  We're already looking at when we can go back.

What are you loving?  Wishing?  Anticipating?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That warm roasted vegetable salad sounds amazing!

I'm currently loving having smashed avocado on toast for a snack, wishing the weather was not so dang cold, and anticipating a quiet night in with Phil.