Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Big 3-0

My handsome fella turned 30 on Friday, and we celebrated all day long.  After he opened a few fabulous prizes, we headed to Denver Biscuit Company for breakfast.

Christopher had the mammoth pulled pork, coleslaw, pickle, concoction:

And my biscuit had fried chicken, bacon and cheese with sausage gravy:

The biscuits are amazing, but the cheesy grits are even better.  They are the best we've ever had.

I couldn't finish my biscuit, but it wasn't for a lack of trying.

Also, we had to save room to try Voodoo Doughnuts!

We shared the three doughnuts over the course of a couple days.  Neither of us are huge doughnut fanatics, but I think they were likely the best doughnuts we've eaten.  They have a nice crispy exterior which is different from other doughnuts we've had.

Our late lunch was a bit healthier ...

We had some Vietnamese soup.  The server also brought out a giant place of fresh Thai basil, bean sprouts, lime wedges and jalapeno slices.  We couldn't believe how big the stack of basil and sprouts was - craziness!

We spent the afternoon visiting a couple of lounges, one being a cigar lounge next to the concert venue we'd be hitting up in the evening.  The guy working at the lounge really liked us, and asked if he could sit and talk with us a while.  We had a nice time visiting with him; we seem to make friends wherever we go. 

In the evening we went to The Ogden Theatre to see one of our favourite DJs, Bonobo.  The place was packed, the opener was okay ...

But when Bonobo was on stage ...

Our minds were blown.

If you don't know of Bonobo, look him up.  So, so good.

We needed some late night snacks after the show, so we went to Biker Jim's Gourmet Hotdogs (the same romantic place we went to for Valentine's day).  We shared an elk hotdog, some fried mac and cheese, and fries.

The fried mac and cheese is phenomenal. 

Finally Christopher is in his thirties. 

I've only been waiting a couple of years ...

What did you do for your thirtieth birthday (if you've had it)?
If you're not 30 yet, what did you do for your 20th?  25th?  Anything special?


Amber said...

Your guys birthdays are so close together! That's too funny.

The last time I had a big party for my birthday would have been 2 years ago for my 24th birthday. And it was nothing crazy, just had about 12 girlfriends over for a fun night of chit chat and wine. My birthday is early September and I find people are SO BUSY that time of year so it's always hard to get a group together. I do enjoy celebrating birthdays though! Happy Birthday to Christopher!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like an amazing birthday celebration! I am actually not surprised that you guys make friends so easily and attract people while traveling as you are both positive, open minded people who strike me as being extremely approachable. All of the food looks amazing - especially that soup!

For my 30th birthday, I had a French-themed party which was SO much fun and then for my gift to myself, I went to Paris!

Yelena said...

Happy belated birthday to you both! For my 30th we went to Vegas without the little one :)

I miss your face- good to see you!