Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This meme has been floating around the blog world; I saw it on Amber's blog.   Here are my answers:

Making:  I'll be making up treat bags for Halloween soon!
Cooking:  Nothing too exciting, but we've got some fun meals planned for November.
Drinking: A lot of tea.  I've stopped drinking coffee during the work week, for the most part, and have been drinking green tea instead.  When Christopher and I get home from work, we always have tea together too, before starting dinner or whatever.
Reading:  A textbook for my class.  Boo. 
Wanting:  To spend more time at home, not doing anything.
Looking:  For a Halloween costume idea.  I have no time.  I'm probably going to reuse a costume I've used many times in the past.
Playing:  The new discs that we bought recently: DeadMau5, James Brown, Primus 
Wasting:  Time, that should be spent on homework.
Sewing:  That's funny that this is on here; I haven't sewed anything lately, but Christopher did some sewing yesterday! 
Wishing:  Christopher's handsome father a happy 70th birthday today! 
Enjoying:  The mild weather.  
Waiting:  For "no-spend" November to start.  We are so ready to do absolutely nothing, and make no social plans. 
Loving:  The time we've been spending with our niece Charlotte.  She has our hearts. 
Marveling:  At how my prof could assign an 80 page research paper.  Is that even legal? 
Needing:  To clean the house - haven't had time.
Smelling:  The Prada Candy perfume that I tried on at Sephora.  LOVE. 
Wearing:  Christopher's shorts and a tank. 
Following:  Salty Seattle on Instagram.  The girl is insane.  
Noticing:  How I haven't had a cold or the flu in a long time, likely due to more sleep in the past couple years than I ever got before. 
Thinking:  I'm thinking I'm not going to need to worry about studying much for the quiz coming up in my class in a couple weeks.  The quiz is on very, very basic stats, and after taking numerous stats classes, and doing two qualitative theses, I think I've got the basics cased.  Yay! 
Bookmarking:  This was the last thing I bookmarked. 
Opening:  A package that came in the mail. 
Giggling:  At Christopher.  Because that's pretty much my life. 
Feeling:  Happier than ever; life is so good.

Choose a few and answer in the comments!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

An 80 page research paper? Are you serious? That is AWFUL! Good luck with that!!! I hated writing papers, I'd much rather take an exam!

I am planning on doing a no spend or a spend way less November. I know I will do some Christmas shopping at the end of the month but I want to try to spend very little on meals out and won't buy any non-essentials for myself during the month.