Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Week of Sandwiches: New Sandwiches at Bushwakker

Our second sandwich in our week of sandwiches, was at Bushwakker.  We took my dad out for a fathers' day dinner and also got to try some of the new menu items on the Bushwakker menu.  We were disappointed to see that the veggie burger was no longer available.  Christopher tried the new portabella burger instead, but didn't enjoy it as much as the veggie burger.  

I also tried a new menu item - the Cuban sandwich.  It was HUGE, and pretty good.  I ate just under half of the sandwich before passing it on to the men to finish.  I ate all of the delicious spinach salad though!

Has a restaurant ever removed your favourite dish from their menu?  (This seems to happen to me a lot).  
Do you ever order sandwiches in restaurants?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yes, this French restaurant I loved removed their Nicoise salad from the menu which was a big deal as that was the lunch I had when I took the first level of the CFA, and I had planned on eating it when I took the 2nd level as I felt it was a good luck omen, but they took it off their menu. :(

I very rarely encounter restaurants that have gluten free bread so I rarely, if ever, order a sandwich. Which bums me out as I often seen sandwiches on menus that I'd love to try!

Kacy said...

That looks great! I hate when places take something yummy off a menu and then can't even make it if you request it. I guess it helps me try new things though :)

Anonymous said...

Taco Bell removed the mexican pizza from their menu :(