Thursday, February 28, 2013

New(er) Products

I love to find and try new food/drink products, especially when they are supa cool ...

Who doesn't want to eat little Hello Kitty and hair bow shaped noodles!?   

I recently came across this AWAKE caffeinated chocolate bar and had to buy it - not for the caffeine, but for the owl of course.  They are now popping up all over gas stations, grocery stores, etc..

I had a square or two, but it wasn't anything special, and I don't see any need for these Jolt-like chocolate bars.  Do we really need more caffeine!?

On the topic of things we may or may not need more of ...


Mixed with a dark, fizzy, caffeinated beverage it tastes just like chocolate cake.  A little sweet for me, but still a fun idea, perhaps for a birthday celebration (adult obviously).

I love Wheat Thins crackers, so I was excited to see that they are now making Sweet Potato crackers

These are pretty good, but I prefer the regular ones.  These have a cinnamony taste, and would be great with a cranberry goat cheese around Christmas time.

I like Nature's Path granola bars, and was pretty pumped to see this new flavour:

Unfortunately they were waaaaaaaaay crumbly.  More crumbly than the other flavours of the same brand.  I probably got more on the floor than I did in my mouth.  I probably won't buy these again.

I don't know if this is a new product or not, but I've never seen them before, and just couldn't resist:

Pop Rocks that turn into gum!?  Say whaaa!?

Have you tried any new products lately?


Kacy said...

I love the hello kitty noodles!!!

Allysia said...

I love the packaging on that Awake chocolate, so cute! Those are all interesting products - mainly things I wouldn't try, but they're good to hear about. My new finds have been things like Bourbon, ha ha. :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

PopRocks gum? Interesting! I never knew such a thing existed! The only thing new I've tried lately was a recipe and it was really disappointing!

Emily said...

OMG sweet potato wheat thins?!

Anonymous said...

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