Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I ended up finding suitable valentines ... they are scratch and sniff too!

This evening was spent having tea with a girlfriend and then heading to my sister's place for a visit.  Her and her husband bought their first home, and I came to check it out and also to bring my nephew his birthday present.  

Their house is really cute

Hey - I have the same couch!
Totally wishing I had room upstairs for one of those fire places - pretty!
While giving me a tour, my sister showed me the perfume that her mother-in-law bought because she saw it and thought of her:

Bahahahaha.  This may or may not be a perfect description of my sister ;-) Hehe - love you sisterface!

(This meme has been floating around blogland.  I saw it on Amber's blog).

Lately ...

Feeling elated.

Writing the last few pages of my thesis.  The end is near!

Reading fewer magazines than I used to.  I used to read a lot of magazines, but I can't remember the last time I read one.  There are a few subscriptions I don't plan on renewing.  Food Network is still the best.

Listening to Skrillex.  I love this song featuring the remaining members of The Doors.

Eating a lot of seafood, it seems.

Wishing that Netflix Canada would keep up with the times.

Enjoying daydreaming about vacations that are on their way.

Drinking water at work out of my new Hello Kitty water bottle.

Learning to slow down a bit.

Missing a few people ... but I'll see them Sunday!

Thinking that tomorrow is pink/red/white day at work and I forgot until now.  Hmmm, off to search my closet for those colours, which are not very common in my wardrobe.

Using up food out of the fridge freezer.  It's nice not being attacked by food falling out when we open the freezer :-)

What's your life like lately?


Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

Love the lately!

PS. Google how to get american netflix. We do it and it works perfect!! :)

Dione said...

Yes to Netflix! Why are we treated like some third world country sometimes?? And why do they have shows that were cancelled with no resolution (IE Flashforward, Terra Nova, both of which I enjoyed but cancelled before their time).
And when are we going to get Hulu, which I've been hearing so many great things about...

Simply Life said...

she does have a beautiful house!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your nephew is so adorable and your sister's house look great!! I like the wood floors in the living room area and the fire place. it looks very cozy and welcoming!

Lately I have been really tired and can't seem to get caught up on sleep, but my body thinks it's a good idea to wake up around 4:30 every day. Not cool.

Anonymous said...

OMG scratch and sniff Valentines? That's pretty much the most amazing thing ever. Haha I get attacked by food falling out of my fridge too! Glad I'm not the only one!

Kacy said...

My life is exciting lately. There are some things that worry me, but mostly there's just a lot of good stuff on the horizon!

Anonymous said...

My life lately has been very strange to me but I'm learning to deal with it :)

Slowing down is not a bad thing. Remember the phrase "stop and smell the roses"?