Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday (?) Things

I was planning a "Thursday Things" post for the last hour or so, and only now as I was typing the title did I realize that today is Wednesday 

Why do my weeks always go like this:

Moooooooonnnnnnnndaaaay Tuuuuuueeeeeeeeesdaaaaaaay  Wedddddnnessssdaaaaaay Thurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsdaaaaaaaaaaaay FridaySaturdaySunday.


Anyway, here are my "Wednesday" things:

1)  Last nights dinner was Shepard's pie from Costco with a side of salad.  I had some of the leftovers for lunch today.  It makes for a very comforting lunch.

2)  No matter how early I go to bed on a week night I still find it torturous to get out of bed in the morning.  It was almost impossible today.  I made some pretty oatmeal to brighten my morning (1 cup coconut Almond breeze, 1/2 cup oats, heaping spoonful of almond butter, maple flakes, strawberries, and a sprinkle of chocolate).

3)  I had a great weekend last weekend going to a Christmas party and meeting new people, and also seeing Chris' band play.  A friend took some shots at the show:

That's me in the skulls, and my drummer looking tough beside me
Chris has demon eyes!  Ahhhhhhh!
4)  I helped my dad with his Christmas shopping tonight.  First he took me for dinner to Rock Creek where I ate about half of this burger and fries.

We then ventured out in the cold, 50km/hr winds to about 6 different stores.  It was productive, but darn cold!  I love Christmas shopping.  I'm weird like that.

5)  I participated in a blogger gift exchange this year.  Stay tuned for the next post to see what the lovely Jen sent me.  We've never met, and only began reading each others blogs when we found out we were partners for this exchange, and yet she definitely figured me out!

6)  Tomorrow is "Wacky Outfit" day at work.  It is 10:44 p.m. and I have no idea what I am wearing tomorrow, but you better believe I am participating!  Any chance to dress like a weirdo, and I'm in!  I am super tired right now, so it looks like I'll be getting up early to pull something together (ughhh - see #2).

What are your Wednesday things?  Is this week dragging for you?  Have you done any Christmas shopping?  


Amber said...

I'm pretty sure I will ALWAYS find it torturous to get out of bed in the morning!!

Allysia said...

I laughed at your weekday vs. weekend sentiments! So very true. This is the time of year I have the hardest time getting up - come spring/summer, I can pull of the morning person thing happily. But right now it's so cold I just want to hibernate under the covers! Today is a good day though - Mike and I are going to Calgary to see Mother Mother! I'm so pumped. :)

Anonymous said...

shepherd's pie? man I haven't had that in ages but sounds delicious

jen @nutcaseinpoint said...

So glad you liked it!
I totally laughed at your days of the week thing, but I first thought you were quoting the Godfather!!! hahaha here's the clip in case that makes no sense:

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This week has actually been flying by for me, but that is mostly because it's my first full week back in the office after being gone for 1.5 weeks between Thanksgiving and a work/fun trip to California!

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, but I did a lot of online as I really do not like to go to stores!!

Kacy said...

I still have a few more gifts to get, and then the part I'm really dreading... wrapping them ;)