Saturday, December 22, 2012

On Holidays ... and Getting Ready for Christmas

I am officially on holidays for a couple of weeks.  It's weird, because this is the first year I don't really feel like I need the holidays.  I haven't been taking classes all semester (for the first time), so there was no studying or final projects or any of that junk.  It's been a more relaxing December than I am used to.  I plan to spend the two weeks doing some writing, and hopefully finishing my thesis.

Last night we went out for dinner to Four Seas.  This was my first time at this restaurant, and I was really impressed.  

We shared some fried tofu, and I ordered the wor won ton soup.  

It was really thick and delicious!

This morning Christopher made waffles while I made cranberry sauce for tomorrow's Christmas dinner.


My family is coming over for turkey dinner tomorrow night, and then we'll spend Christmas day with Christopher's family.

Hello turkey!

What are your plans for Christmas dinner?


Allysia said...

Oooh, fried tofu, I can get behind that! :) And I'm glad you've had a pretty chill December...mine's kinda been the opposite, but at least there's a break now. Gotta love a man who makes you waffles. :) And I've got a tofurky all ready to go for Christmas, ha ha. :)

Anonymous said...

my family usually does some kind of beef for the xmas meal, I wish we did a turkey though

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I spent Christmas Eve and Day with my family at my parents' lake home. It was so relaxing and lovely, it was hard to come back to reality!

Kacy said...

Looks great! We had planned to be at my dad's for Christmas dinner and stay the night, but the weather got bad (would make you LAUGH I'm sure with all the snow you get) so we moved it back and ended up eating leftover chili in our hotel, just Tom and I. It was honestly kind of nice.