Tuesday, December 18, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1)  Three more days of work and then I am on holidays for a couple of weeks!  I am looking forward to sleeping in and having the time to try some new recipes.

2)  I've had a couple of meetings with my thesis supervisor lately, and things are moving along nicely.  I completed the statistical analyses for my study, and did it correctly on my first try!  I also wrote up the results, and was told that that section was good too :-)  I am now in the home stretch, with only the conclusion/discussion left to write.  This makes me very happy!!  Let's get this degree done so I can move on to the next (more exciting) one!

3)  It snowed all day today, which meant it looked pretty outside, yet I had to shovel when I got home.  I figure I've done enough shoveling for one winter!  Haha, too bad winter isn't even close to over.  That hot vacation this March is looking better and better each day.

4)  I got most of my Christmas shopping finished up today.  While I was in the mall I grabbed a tea from David's Tea.  I love this place!  I got one of the new winter blends, cookie dough!  It actually tasted like cookie dough - I was impressed. 

5)  Breakfast this morning was smoothie with blueberries, 1/2 banana, 1 T Almond Butter, and 1 package Amazing Grass.  I forgot how much I like a smoothie for breakfast!  They are a great way to get some greens in in the morning.

6)  We've been watching a lot of documentaries lately.  In the last couple weeks we've watched: 

- Vegucated (excellent)
- The Secret (just okay, I've been following this idea for years without realizing it was "The Secret")
- Flesh & Blood (not for those with weak stomachs, not for kids, interesting, engaging, entertaining)
- DMT: The Spirit Molecule (really interesting, gets a little bit long)
- Maxed Out (okay, didn't learn anything new)

My favourites were probably Flesh & Blood and Vegucated
Have you seen any of these?  
Do you have any documentary recommendations? 

7)  Dinner tonight was quinoa with spinach, peas and piri piri spice, as well as some sweet & sour meatballs.

8)  I might be weird, but I absolutely love buying Christmas gifts and wrapping them.  Tonight I spent a good chunk of the evening wrapping gifts for my family. 

9)  If you've seen the artwork in my house, you might have gathered that I love trees.  I was pretty pumped when I found this wrapping paper on sale after Christmas last year. 

I am not a fan of boxing day/week shopping, and refuse to go to any malls during this time, but I will stop by Chapters and Hallmark just for the paper.

10)  I'm craving a corn dog.  Don't judge.  Come over and make me these

What are some of your Tuesday things?


Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

I just watched Vegucated too - it was very eye opening and interesting. I love foodie documentaries. Sounds like you have netflixs? I will have to watch the other one!

Another documentary I really enjoyed was Business of Being Born and Babies - both are very interesting even if not preggo!!

Merry Christmas to you!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you are so close, hang in there!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I also enjoy wrapping Christmas gifts - it's very soothing for me! All of my gifts are wrapped and under the tree. :)

I miss corn dogs. I have never found gluten free ones, so have not had one in years!!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen any of those documentaries, but I'll have to check them out!

Kacy said...

All that snow! Wow. And your presents are gorgeous.

Allysia said...

Yay for winter holidays!! Today is my last day of work ever, which is bizarre, but I'm pretty happy to be done. And I always forget about smoothies, they're the best though! Out of all of those documentaries, I've only seen Vegucated - haven't even heard of the others. It's really good though - I like how they keep it fairly light and entertaining throughout.

Dione said...

I recommend "This film is not yet rated" about the ridiculous MPAA rating system the US. Also "these amazing shadows", which is about the National Film Registry and film preservation. Both are still on Netflix Canada so be sure to watch them before they go! I assume you have it because all the docs you mentioned are on there. I love a good documentary! I can also vouch for Babies, I have seen it a few times and it never fails to make me laugh.