Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Things

1) I hate making salad.  Usually I suck it up and painstakingly wash lettuce.  Today picked up a pre-made salad from Costco and it made me very happy.

2) I took a break tonight from reading articles and brushing up on my statistics.  I needed a TV fix and American Idol was the drug of choice. It's nowhere near as good as The X Factor, but it'll do.

3) Speaking of X Factor there are some auditions I still watch over and over and over and overLove.

4) I don't usually like Nutella, but it is fantastic in oatmeal.  Make the oatmeal with coffee and toss on some coconut and you have Coconut Hazelnut Mocha Oats!

5) Now this is my kind of cupcake! 

6) Hmmm, not too sure about these ... Bahh, who am I kidding!? I will probably make these next week.

What are some of your Thursday things?
What do you have planned for the weekend?


Vanessa said...

Some of my Thursday things include watching Biggest Loser reruns and eating In-n-Out (ironic I know). And plans for the weekend include plenty of relaxation, with a little cleaning thrown in for good measure!

Simply Life said...

I always buy prewashed spinach and then use that as my salad base. It's a little shortcut but goes A LOG ways so I don't mind making salads!

Anonymous said...

I work but one of glenn's best friends is coming into town!! Anyways, have you tried the dark chocolate justin's hazelnut???

Kacy said...

I always buy bag salad. I'm so lazy.
Thursday wasn't great, I'm hoping Friday things go better :)

Faith @ For the Health of It said...

I always screw up homemade salad too, so I've just stared buying the mixes or getting them at the salad buffet near my office. Beats nasty soggy homemade lettuce!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love salads, but hate making them, too!

My plan for the weekend is to study, study, study. I had to take a week off for my surgery and I feel so behind now. :/

Amber said...

I'm with you and Lisa! Love eating salads but hate hate hate making them!! Would much rather pick one up but then I think, "i'm paying $10 for lettuce and vegetables?!!"

Can't win ;)