Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mid-Year Goal Review

Today is the official middle-of-the-year, with 182 days already passed and 182 left.

I thought this would be the perfect time to review my goals for 2011.

Mid-Year Goal Review: 11 in 2011

1) Finish 4 more grad classes.  I am starting my 3rd of the year on Monday, and am taking my last two in the Fall, so I am on track to surpass this goal.  I learned yesterday that I earned 94% on both of the classes I have finished already in 2011 - I was pretty pumped about that.

2) Decide on a thesis topic and begin thesis research. I plan on doing this throughout the summer and into the Fall.  I need to find myself a supervisor first.

3) Make one new recipe per week (most weeks). I have already made 47 new recipes this year, so I have surpassed this goal. Maybe I can get to 100 by the end of the year!

4) Read books for me (not just for school). I have been reading books for me (The China Study, Pioneer Woman's book, and a few others recently, and plan on reading many more this summer).

5) Take a class just for me (not school related).  Haven't had time for this.  Maybe I can sneak in a cooking class this summer, but my schedule is pretty jam-packed!

6) Host some new types of parties/ meals. I hosted a bridal shower, wine and cheese party and three dinner parties so far this year.  I plan on hosting a lot more in the next 182 days.

7) Give running one last fair shot.  I tried this in the spring, but my training plan got interrupted. I might try again this summer.

8) Be productive this summer.  I have so much going on this summer, it shouldn't be hard to be productive!

9) Go on 2 out-of-country trips. We went to New York for a week in April, and have a trip to Vegas planned for September.  Done.

10) Do some home renovations: We plan on doing some painting and installing new basement windows this summer.  We might put new flooring in the bedrooms and hallway, if we have time.

11) Make sure my hubby's 30th birthday this year is memorable, as well as my dad's 70th, and my sister and her fiance's wedding.  We had a nice night out for my husbands 30th, and we threw my dad a little surprise party for his 70th.  I know my sister's wedding will be incredible, and I can't wait!

How are you doing on your New Year's Goals/Resolutions?


lauri ( said...

Man, Time Flies!! I had no idea the year was already halfway over!

I'm really hoping to travel out of the country this year too... Hopefully yo Ireland! But it all depends on our money situation! Boooo!!

Congrats on already reaching so many of your goals!!

And don't give up on running! You CAN do it!

Anonymous said...

You are doing SO GOOD!! I made 10 for the year too, but I think I have A LOT of work to do in the next 6 months... eeeks!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap Jolene! You've done awesome! Wow. I didn't set any goals..afraid of failure. But I guess something is better than nothing...will have to ponder this one.

I want to do a lot of these now haha! :) - uh, definitely Vegas ;) I'd die for a vacation somewhere but wouldn't even know where to go that's suitable traveling by myself and not being "lost"! Oof.

Joyti said...

I never make resolutions. I'm a little sorry that I didn't, yours all look like such worthy and worthwhile goals.
And good luck with the classes, the trips, the renovations, and the birthdays :)

Kacy said...

You're awesome! I need to look back at my goals and see how it's going.

Unknown said...

Yay for mid-goal reviews!

I think you are doing way better at fulfilling your goals than I am....