Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Great Fundraising Act

A bunch of bloggers, including myself, have pulled together to put on a great fundraiser for Susan.

For those who don't know, Susan is a blogger at The Great Balancing Act.  I met her in November at the Foodbuzz Festival in San Fransisco.  

Susan was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma.  

She is currently hospitalized, and the bills are piling up.  

Here are some of the posts she has done recently.
(This amazing woman is even posting from the hospital):

Susan usually works as a personal trainer, however being in the hospital, she is unable to work and therefore unable to make money to cover her expenses.  Janetha, the wonderful soul that she is, contacted every blogger she knew, reaching out to us to do something to help Susan.

The Great Fundraising Act 

A Blogger Auction and Bake Sale that will take place Monday, July 25 from 8 am (EST) with staggered closing times.  Please note individual item closing times.

There are some pretty sweet items up for bid, and you can see them all here in their respective categories:

(Monday July 25th - 8am start)

The rules etc. are on the linked page as well.

You can use PayPal, a bank account or any major credit card to donate directly to The Great Fundraising Act. 


ALL proceeds and monetary donations will go directly to Susan.  
Let's make this a huge success!


Kitchen Belleicious said...

what a horrible thing to happen but what a wonderful thing you all are doing. I will certainly pitch in! She will be in my prayers

Losing in the City said...

what a wonderful thing to do.. you guys are awesome and i will definitely support your efforts..

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about all of this. Bloggers rock!

Kris | said...

I love everyone coming together for this!! I must learn more about it!!

You make me smile my beautiful :)