Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pink Juice and Baked Eggs

It was so nice to be able to sleep in this morning!! I started my morning with a pink juice:

- 8 strawberries
- 1 ruby red grapefruit
- 1 apple
- 1 orange

Breakfast was baked eggs. I threw some red, orange, and yellow pepper into the bottom of the dish, along with some onion and crumbled bacon. Then I topped all of that with 2 eggs and some cheddar. I baked it for 20 minutes @ 400.

I spent the morning cleaning the house, making a BIG grocery list, and planning for a special dinner tomorrow!!

The hubby came home at lunch and brought me a taco salad (with extra cilantro - just how I like it):

We had a quick and easy dinner featuring these 2 products:

After dinner we met up with 6 of our friends to see some improv at a local coffee shop. It was a nice way to spend a Thursday evening. I enjoyed a pretty latte during the show:

I love a good laugh! Especially with friends.

My snack tonight was some Greek yogurt with about 6 drops of vanilla stevia (sent to me by NuNaturals) and some granola:

Tomorrow we are having friends over for an Irish themed dinner!!!!

Have you ever done a themed dinner?
Tell me about it! I would love some new ideas!!

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Anonymous said...

An Irish themed dinner sounds like fun! I've never tried baked eggs - looks like an awesome idea for a weekend brunch.

Anonymous said...

I love improv shows! You can seriously feed off their energy on stage! I can NOT wait to see your recap of your dinner tomorrow..or today. :) BTW you have a great hubby!

Simply Life said...

I can't wait to see what you serve! We've had asian, italian and fondue themes :)

Anonymous said...

Every once in a while I'll do a Mexican themed dinner, which is always fun.

Low said...

Your baked eggs look amazing! I don't know why I never think to do that.

Healthy. Happy. Well. said...

loving the pink juice! I'm getting myself a juicer for valentine's day!

Anonymous said...

You never hold grudges?! Wow - consider yourself lucky girl ;)...I don't refer to simply silly little things...some people may have serious relationship, family, personal issues I guess that makes it difficult to forget, get past etc.
But LOVE the cheddar in the eggs - I'm a cheese-a-vore!!! :)

Amber from Girl with the Red Hair said...

Have SO MUCH FUN at your irish-themed dinner party!!! That juice looks delish!

Sook said...

Loved how you listed all the food you ate all day. That's brilliant. It's a good way to track the way you eat. I need to do that. :) Everything looks delicious by the way.

Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

I'm not a huge fan of grapefruit (or grapefruit juice), but I bet the strawberries really sweetens it up! Sounds good :)

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

That sounds like a great day girl!
Sleeping in is SO nice :)

sophia said...

Never really had a themed dinner before...maybe unintentionally? Sort of like a breakfast theme for dinner...

I'm loving your baked eggs, they look wonderful!!

Yelena said...

I'm totally watching the Olympics and thinking of you. I have a new appreciation for Canada :)

Hope your dinner is lots of fun!