Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogger Award


o, grapefruits = not too popular!

My hubby doesn't like them either. I still love 'em.

I had the worst sleep last night. It took me hours to fall asleep, and then I tossed and turned all night, waking up multiple times. I kept hitting the snooze button and didn't roll out of bed until 8:00. I was out the door by 8:15. I can be pretty quick when I need to be! I didn't have time to sit down and eat breakfast, so I had half a Glo-bar on the way to work. I had every intention of eating the other half at work, but got completely distracted.

Oh well. Crappy breakfast day.

Lunch was leftover veggie pizza:

Olives on pizza = Awesome. Crust on pizza = disgusting.

I was away from my classroom this afternoon at a workshop. I had an oatmeal cookie for an afternoon snack along with this tea:

I want to thank Jessica over at DairyFreeBetty for the tea! It was one of the goodies I received as the winner of her "Random Acts of Kindness" giveaway.

Do you remember those cards I sent out randomly a while back?
Well, she chose me as her winner because of them!! How nice!!

I got all this loot in the mail the other day!!

Every item is something I haven't tried, so I am pretty excited!!

After work I coached my boys b-ball team - we won our fifth game in a row, so now we are 5-0!! I was very hungry when I got home, so I had some cheese and about 4 rice crackers while supper was cooking:

Dinner tonight was a saucy chicken with polenta:

This was my first time trying polenta, and I wasn't a huge fan.

Any tips for making polenta taste good?

My snack this evening was a grapefruit :-) And some edamame with soy sauce. I had the munchies this evening (I blame it on my unsubstantial breakfast):

I also need to thank Diana at MyMarbleRye for this lovely award she gave me:

To accept this award I have to come up with 6 outrageous LIES about myself, and 1 TRUTH, and you need to guess what the truth is.

Here goes:

1) Brushing my teeth with warm water disgusts me.
2) I have issues with people touching my hair.
3) I have never baked a cake in my life.
4) I have never thrown up.
5) Onions don't make me cry.
6) I can write equally well with both hands.
7) I had an extra toe when I was born.

ONLY one is true. Which is it?

I would like to pass this award on to:


Have a good night peeps!!

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Allison @ Food For Healing said...

I would definitely say #1 brushing teeth with warm water disgusts you. It makes me want to puke! I hate warm or hot water, I need nice refreshing cold when i brush my teeth. So i think its true. (my bf uses hot water, EW)
I hope one day my blog becomes more successful and popular like yours, so i can get an award :(

Anonymous said...

wow what a great package you got today! love bars :). i've never had a glo bar tho and they sound awesome!

Amber said...

I actually bought grapefruits today because they were on sale and thought of you when I did :P

Hahaha, what a fun award! Ummm, I'm going to guess that either #1 or #2 are true!

Can't wait to do this on my blog! Thanks for passing it on!

Alanna said...

I used to HATE grapefruit until I learned the most important trick for making the grapefruit naturally more sweet! Only eat the "guts"! Take off all of the thin, papery skin around the flesh, then it's just yum yum yum!

I'm gonna go with number one as the real fact! Mainly because it disgusts me, so why not you :)

~ Diana ~ said...

you are immune to an onions scent...am i right? i cook so much with it that I don't cry anymore!! btw i tried polenta and i didn't like it either but apparently you use it as a pasta substitute so you have to eat it with like tomatoes or something..

Simply Life said...

ooh that pizza looks great, except I looove the crust!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award! This is a fun one! I'm guessing number 1 is true and I LOVE grapefruit!

Kacy said...

I think it's #1! I feel like you've commented about that on my blog before.

And thanks so much for the award girl!

Anonymous said...

I've tried polenta, and it seems pretty flavorless until you add stuff to it. I dip mine in ketchup (which may be weird to you!)

Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday said...

If you use the pre-cooked polenta that you slice and bake, the way that I like it best is broiled. That way it gets just a little bit of char on top for flavour (I suppose you could grill it for the same effect, but my nonna always puts it under the broiler so that's what I do). I usually eat it with a piece of Fruilano cheese on top.

I personally prefer polenta porridge-style and topped with a tomato based meat stew. As a bonus, you can make extra porridge and put the leftovers in the fridge to firm it so that you can slice, bake, and broil it.

Polenta is my favourite food :D

emily said...

Green olives are my favorite pizza topping! Sorry the crust was janky though.

Anais said...

How was that tea? It SOUNDS so good! I have to stop myself though because I buy tea like... every week. Always something new, and half the time I don't even like it :(

The one I received from you though is SO delicious!!! Do you know which stores I could find it in??

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you got your package!! Enjoy!!

Thank you also for the award, this one is going to take some thinking for me! :)

I think your one truth is the touching hair one!!!

Kyle and Darci said...

i tend to be snacky if one of my meals is "off" too!!

Onions don't make you cry...that's my guess for the 1 truth!

Morgan said...

hmm I'm going to guess that the truth is you've never thrown up??

that was really interesting! can't wait to find out which one it is

Anonymous said...

Great list! And, for the record, I LOVE grapefruit. Have you ever noticed that they quench hunger AND thirst?!?!

sophia said...

Aw, thanks for the award! :D

I think it's #5...am I right?

Oh, and polenta: have you tried grilling it? Sprinkle with lots of strong flavored cheese, too.

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

I would guess that number 5 is true!!

I love love love Glo Bars.. so awesome!
As for polenta.. try it like cooking grits (if you've had those). Follow package directions and mix polenta with water on milk and cook until done (like 5 minutues usually) and then add parm cheese, butter, pepper, and a little salt and I promise, you will LOVE them!

Bec said...

congrats on the award!