Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and GIVEAWAY WINNER!!

Happy Valentine's Day

Giveaway Winner!!

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The winner of the "Things I Love" Giveaway is Anais from ThroughGreenEyes!! Please send me your address and I will ship out the package tomorrow!! Congratulations!!

Saturday Re-Cap:

Saturday morning the hubby made a lovely breakfast of eggs, toast and OJ:

We spent the afternoon with our nephew having a play date at a friend's house. We had fast food for lunch, which we rarely ever do. I had a small flame thrower from DQ and some fries.

It wasn't that great:

Last night I had a bunch of girls over for a girl's night! We had appies, drinks and good conversation. It was lots of fun. Everyone brought a different dish to share.

I had 1 slice of pizza, and 1 breadstick:

Some fruit and dip:

A piece of this veggie/ cream cheese dish:

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Some mini quiche and 2 jalepeno poppers (not pictured):

My favourite thing was triscuit crackers topped with cheese and apples tossed in cinamon and sugar. It is a weird combination, but it totally worked:

I had a really fun night, and met some new friends :-)

Today we are spending the day with family. We had brunch with my side of the family (I had the southwestern breakfast):

We are having dinner with the hubby's family for my father-in-law's b-day.

We will be celebrating valentine's day tomorrow in our house - tomorrow it is a holiday in Canada (Family Day) so no work for us!!

How are you celebrating Valentine's day?


Simply Life said...

congrats to the winner!

Anonymous said...

that triscuit apples/cheese/cinnamon combo sounds AMAZING! i love cheese and apples together, and the salty triscuits and spicy cinnamon = perfect. those little quiches are so cute too

Yelena said...

Your girls night dinner looks delicious! I also love going out for breakfast but rarely do. Yours looks great.

We don't really have plans for Valentine's Day. The husband is still sick and restaurants are super crowded, so we are laying low!

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

We went for a run... exchanged our $10 gifts, then I made breakfast... did stuff around the house, and then went for a long walk (the sun is shining!), now we're making dinner - D's favorite and then off to a beach fire with friends tonight!! So fun!!

Hope you have an awesome family day... i miss that living back in BC!!

Alanna said...

That veggie/cream cheese dish looks yummy! any idea what's in it/recipe?

Kacy said...

No work day for us tomorrow either! Yay for an extra night to relax :)

Those appies look amazing. Happy Valentine's :)

Anonymous said...

girls night with appetizers?! I like it! I usually just get chips and dip...finger quick foods but yours looks nicer..;)

Anais said...

Woohoo, thanks!!! :)

I celebrated Valentine's day by cleaning up the house, then some friends came over and we had a SATC marathon with POM cosmos! :)

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

That triscuit appetizer looks really good! Interesting flavor combo!

sophia said...

Ah, you really do know how to socialize, my friend! And I see that your buddies really know good food, too!