Friday, February 5, 2010



y new box of Glo-Bars arrived yesterday!!

This morning it was a toss up ... warm breakfast, or sleep longer.

The sleep won.

I had a Glo-Bar and coffee for breakfast on the way to work:

It was a really nice day today. There is still a LOT of snow, but the temperature is more reasonable than it has been - now it is a balmy -10.

I had leftover Italian sausage and rice for lunch:

Along with a pear and some cheese:

After work I went on a BIG grocery shopping trip with some friends. We are getting together tomorrow morning at 8 am to do the BIG COOK! Four of us each chose 4 recipes, and we will each get two of each of those - so 32 meals in total. We stack the meals up in large zip-lock bags and put in our freezer to be used in a slow cooker down the road. The total bill is approximately $350 for the 32 meals, which is a pretty good deal seeing as they each feed a family of 4. My hubby and I will have dinner and lunch for the next day.

Have you ever done a BIG COOK?

This evening we joined some friends at Festiv-Ale, a tasting of beer, wine, spirits, and food! I tried about 6 small samples of beer, and 2 of wine. I tasted all the food in sight.

I had some perogies and a cabbage roll ... (all my friends wanted to get in on the shot :-))

A mini-corn dog with a white truffle aioli:

A BBQ rib:

A mini burger with smoked apple-wood bacon, aged cheddar, and sweet potato fries:

And because I love health food ... a battered, deep fried Mars Bar (or 2):

I am pretty sure Mars bars are vegetables.

Don't argue.

What is the weirdest "deep fried" thing you have ever eaten?


Simply Life said...

I've never heard of the big cook before but what a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

If you ever come to the US and want to visit Texas there is a texas state fair where they fry EVERYTHING. this past year they fried BUTTER. BTW is the big cook thing a "thing" in canada? I'm interested!

Emily said...

Hehe, I won't argue about Mars Bars as veggies. :) Every year my friends, who are otherwise extremely healthful individuals, host a "Friesgiving." They have two deep fryers and invite all of their friends over to spend the day frying. Everyone brings something and there is A LOT of food to fry. I think the weirdest thing that I had was fried bread stuffed with cranberry sauce. The tastiest thing I had was a fried oreo. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to try deep fried Mars Bar!!! And you're right- they're good for you, anyone who says they're not is lying ;) The weirdest thing I've ever eaten deep fried is Testicle, can't remember what type of animal...yeah. I'm vegetarian now.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried deep fried mars bars, but I know they eat them in Scotland.


Anais said...

Mmmm Glo bars! I have yet to try them but I keep hearing such good things about them :)

I try not to eat too much fried food so the "weirdest" thing would probably just be fish!!! lol!!

Anonymous said...

every now and then my brothers will try to see what they can deep fry.
i think once they batter coated a twinkie.

i don't think i've eaten weirder than fried pickles. which aren't bad, but aren't my favorite.

Amber from Girl with the Red Hair said...

It's funny because even though I grew up in the COLD north I am totally climatized to the WARM south now. I was chatting with Eric yesterday and he was like, "Ya, it was only -15 today. I just wore a sweater all day."

I was like EEEEK! -15 it's been like +5-10 here! I'm going to FREEZE when I come up for a visit! Haha

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

deep fried marsbars... wow!! haha I think they are a veggie, not argument there! :)

I love the idea of a BIG COOK! i may have to chat with my ladies!! :)

Have a great weekend!

Healthy. Happy. Well. said...

Deep fried mars bars, I wonder who invented those! This a fun blog, I can't wait to read more!

Nicci said...

I won't lie the deep fried Mars bar sounds good. I tried the deep fried oreo at our State Fair before.

sophia said...

Deep fried mars bar? COOL!!
Well, have you ever tried a deep fried silkworm puppae? Eewww...It stinks, too, but is a KOrean delicacy.

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

Glo Bars are amazing. Just simply amazing.

And fried mars bars? Oh wow. YUM. The weirdest thing... a fried snickers bar. That was intense. But my favorite fried thing (and I don't often eat fried foods) is a funnel cake. OMG. Food heaven.

Kacy said...

The Big Cook sounds sooo cool! And the Festive-Ave sounds like a blast!!