Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Quick and Easy

This week is flying by!  Our weekend was low-key.  We didn't have anything going on, other than a sweet little three year old's birthday.  After visiting and having cake at the party on Saturday, we ran some errands, and then were home for the rest of the weekend.

Christopher made this breakfast to keep us going until dinner that evening.

Meals lately have been quick and easy, like pizza buns:

And battered fish from a box, with curly fries:

We were just randomly craving curly fries, and figured we needed the fish and tartar sauce to go with them.  This is totally an old-school meal for me; I doubt I've had this combination since I was a teenager.

Sticking with the easy meals, on Sunday we threw a cook-from-frozen, stuffed turkey into the oven in the morning.

The next day I made some steamed veggies and gravy, and we ate the turkey and sides until today.

Yesterday we used the meat and gravy for a roast turkey poutine.

Now that it is nice out, I am just itching to do some Spring cleaning - stupid things, like cleaning the blinds, washing windows, and vacuuming behind dressers, etc.  We don't have a free weekend for a bit, but as soon as we do, that's the excitement we'll be getting up to.  I also want to purge a bunch of junk from the house.  I hate how spaces that we don't use often (the extra room upstairs and in the basement) get cluttered with stuff that we don't know where to put in the moment.  We also need to attack our ever-cluttered garage, which has more sets of tires in it than it should (I blame Canadian Tire; they said they'd dispose of them, and then I found them back in my trunk ... twice).

How is your week going?
Have you done any Spring cleaning?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The poutine looks especially delicious! Yum! I rarely have fries but had them a couple of times on vacation and boy did they taste good! Last week was a short work week as we flew out on Wednesday morning for Florida. We tried to get rid of stuff in our fridge/freezer so our meals were not very interesting! But it felt good to leave a pretty empty fridge behind!!