Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

For us January has been a month of using things up from the fridge, freezer, and cupboards.  We haven't spent a lot on groceries, other than fresh vegetables.

We did come into a lot of free pomegranatesLike a lot.  About 60 of them.  Needless to say, we've been eating a lot of pomegranate.

We enjoyed some in our oatmeal on the weekend (made with coconut water and coffee).  Other toppings included coconut, ground flax, peanut butter, hemp seeds, bee pollen, and a few dark chocolate chips.

More pomegranate oatmeal for breakfast today:

I threw some pom arils into my breakfast smoothies earlier this week, along with organic frozen cherries, aloe, coconut water, ground flax, cocoa, vanilla, and a scoop of red veggie powder.

Dessert every day = pomegranate.

60 might seem like a lot, but when we're each eating about 1.5 a day, they'll be gone in no time (i.e. 20 days).  Pomegranates are Christopher's favourite fruit, so he's pretty pumped.

Dinner on Monday evening was chicken noodle soup.  We roasted a chicken on the weekend, so we used the bones to make the stock. 

On Tuesday evening we made pita pizzas topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, green olives, arugula, and cheddar cheese. 

This evening we made a shrimp, Thai curry, which we served over rice.

We have nothing planned for dinner tomorrow, but we'll raid the freezer and figure something out.  It's nice to use up random ingredients, and things that have been in the freezer for a while.  We always buy a lot in December, so we decided that January is a good month to drastically limit what we bring into the house (not only food, but anything).  It's basically a no-spend month for us, other than necessities, and a no-going-out month too (unless we have gift cards, or are out of town).  We're excited not to leave the house this upcoming weekend #hermitlife.

How is your week going so far?
Do you like pomegranate? 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

60 pomegrantes? For free? That is amazing! Do you have tricks/tips for getting the arils out efficiently? If so, please do a post (or email me at I looove pomegranites but rarely buy them as the last time i bought one it was so much work to get the darn arils out!

Last week was bat-sh*t crazy for me. My work trip was so exhausting. All the hotel rooms and driving and dinners at night wore me out! So this weekend has been fairly low key. We made dinner on Friday night (a Greek pasta skillet dish) and yesterday I had a spa day with girlfriends which was awesome. Today we are laying low which is just what I needed. I have a yummy thai stew cooking away in the crockpot.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

@ Lisa - We cut them in half (well Christopher usually does this), and then hold it face down over a bowl and whack it with a wooden spoon on the back until all of the arils fall out. It works pretty well once you've done a few. It takes a couple minutes to do both sides, but totally worth it.