Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Places/Products

I was excited to learn that there were a couple new kinds of Kraft Dinner.  We tried the spicy one, and thought it was pretty good.

The noodles are a little fatter than the original, with small ridges.  It was spicier than the original, but definitely not spicy (don't be afraid if you're not typically a fan of spicy foods).

There is a new (faster) food place in the east end of town called Teriyaki Express.  The menu and cooking style is very similar to Edo Japan, but the food is inferior to Edo.  It doesn't have enough flavour.  There were four of us at lunch and we all agreed that we won't be going back.

When we were driving home a while ago, we noticed a new pub just a few blocks away from us!  We visited The Lobby on Saturday evening.

It seemed like a cool place with an interesting menu.  We had already eaten, but I snacked on a couple samosas, and they were decent.

Have you tried a new restaurant or food recently?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I went to a new Indian restaurant last night with a coworker who is Indian. He did all the ordering and everything we got was SO good. I got these crepe things that had a potato mixture in them and all these little sauces to put on them. Yum. It was so good!

Unknown said...

Spicy Kraft Dinner? I must try that! I love when you review restaurants...I didn't know The Lobby existed!