Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Store-Bought Vegan Pancakes

I came across this vegan, organic, gluten-free pancake mix the other day, and thought I would give it a try.

I liked the short ingredient list (all organic):

Buckwheat flour
Mung bean flour
Brown rice flour
Sorghum flour
Evaporated cane juice
Gluten-free baking powder (GMO free)
Himalayan salt

I liked that these pancakes were "add water only", making them very convenient for mornings when I would rather sleep than cook every morning.

I liked how easy these pancakes were to cook, and the fluffy, pleasing texture.

What I didn't like was the distinct mung bean taste.  It was not unbearable, but definitely not desirable.  I can best describe it as a lentily taste.  I think I would like this flavour more if it wasn't in a pancake (and perhaps was covered in bacon and cheese).

I would not recommend this mix unless you have a special affinity for mung bean flavoured pancakes.

Next time I want vegan pancakes I will stick to these ones.

What was the last store-bought food item you bought that wasn't that great?
Do you ever buy and eat foods you don't really "love" just because they are healthy?

For me, if a food isn't great, I won't buy it again.


Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga said...

I try NOT to eat foods that don't taste good..I dont care how healthy it is for me, if it doesnt taste good...what's the point :) I'd rather have something that DOES taste good instead!

lauri (redheadrecipes.com) said...

I don't eat food 'just because its healthy'. I will drink a green monster or eat whole grain pancakes, etc, but I actually like the way they taste. I could not choke down the amazing grass stuff everybody was drinking a few months ago bc it just tasted awful to me. If I don't like it, I'm not gonna eat it (but I will at least try it first!!). There are plenty of other 'health foods' out there that do taste good!

Anonymous said...

i buy cereals all the time that I don't love...and granolas. :( Waste of money!

Anonymous said...

I bought some almonds from Shopper's and they are terrible! Not sure how you can mess up almonds, but these ones are dry- and dusty-tasting. Yuck!

Faith @ For the Health of It said...

Bummer on the major mung bean flavor! I swear by pancake mixes and this one looked super promising - thanks for the review!

Anne Marie said...

I have bought food that I didn't love - bad idea!! I try to only eat/buy things that I really enjoy but sometimes it just doesn't happen!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

As i've started cooking more as I get older I've found that pretty much ANYTHING store bought I can't stand!

Kacy said...

Sorry they weren't great! I can't think of a product I've been disappointed in lately, thankfully but I def hate it when it happens.

Madeline - Greens and Jeans said...

Sometimes I actually "like" the healthy taste (I genuinely prefer whole wheat to white flour), but generally, I want to eat things that I want to eat and don't force myself to eat things that I don't actually like.

Emily said...

Oh man, that's a bummer. I had the same problem with a gluten free flour mix I bought. The fist ingredient was garbanzo beans. :(

Laura said...

I've bought a few duds in the past couple of months... but most of them were new kinds of crackers and chips. I'd never buy something I didn't like just because it's healthy... life's too short to eat bad food!

Allysia said...

I won't lie, I pretty much avoid GF food because of the reasons you mentioned. I'm sure there's plenty of great GF food out there...it just kind of freaks me out a little!

Amanda said...

I would not be a fan of the mung bean taste either. EW!!!!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

I won't eat things just because they're healthy if they don't taste good too. I will give things a few tries though since it takes a few times to really decide if I don't like it. The mung bean flour was an odd choice for the blend though. I bet that was a little weird.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

For the longest time I bought Greek yogurt (before I went dairy free) because it was so good for you. But I didn't like it and sort of choked it down. Finally i was like - why am I doing this to myself?? So I stopped buying it