Saturday, January 12, 2019

Recent Eats and Things

On Sunday we made a couple of dishes to last us for Monday's and Tuesday's meals, as we had plans for both evenings, so we didn't want to worry about having to cook.

On Monday night we went to see Vice in the theatre.  It was super entertaining, and really well made.  We both loved it!  On Tuesday evening we went to the Conexus Arts Centre to hear a war hero, Marthe Cohn, speak.  She is a 98 year old woman who was a Jewish spy in Nazi Germany.  She told her incredible story to a very engaged audience. 

We didn't have too much going on for the rest of the week.  Some recent eats included perogies, cabbage rolls, and sausage:


And brown rice with roasted vegetables, feta, and green sauce:

My breakfasts over the past couple of weeks have included a lot of green smoothies loaded with kale, and Vitality Super Green (fermented greens).

I've also had purple smoothies, and avocado toast:


And cinnamon raisin toast (and melon with nut butter on top):

We cleaned the house on Thursday evening, and on Friday after work we meal planned for a week, made a grocery list, and went grocery shopping.  With all that done, we have nothing to do this weekend!  I have some books that I want to dive into, and tonight we're trying a sassy new recipe ...

What are you up to this weekend?  What's the last movie you went to?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I can not remember the last movie I saw!! We tried to see one last February when I was very pregnant as we had free movie tickets but it was sold out by the time we got there, even though we arrived 20 minutes before the show started! I don't know when I will see a movie again! But someday it will happen. :)

We spent the weekend at my parents lake home which was wonderful. They hadn't seen Paul since October and he has changed so much since then. He had a blast exploring a new place. He made a lot of laps around the first floor. My parents couldn't believe how fast he is and how much he loves to crawl through tight spaces. My mom took care of him both mornings so Phil and I could sleep in which was wonderful!! And we ate super well! My mom loves researching new recipes so we always eat well up there!