Saturday, June 30, 2018

Long-Weekend Anticipation

The last week has been a blur.  We haven't had anything too elaborate for dinners.  One evening Christopher made a green curry with rice, another day we had smokies with tomato salad:

Tuna Helper one evening:

And warm salad another:

We've been looking forward to this long weekend for a long time, and made sure we were prepared for it.  On Wednesday we cleaned the house, and on Thursday after work we went to alllllll the little specialty food shops to pick up supplies.

Some of the goodies we picked up.
Dinner on Thursday was pork cutlets from Butcher Boy Meats (they were great!), potatoes with Hungarian paprika paste, and sauerkraut.

We shared one of these cupcakes for dessert:

As soon as work was done yesterday we were in celebration mode!  Christopher is celebrating some good news at work, and I am celebrating the start of my summer holidays.  To celebrate we wanted to do very little, and just enjoy and relax with snacks.

I came home to these beautiful flowers - awwwwe!

Once Christopher was home we plated all the snacks and headed straight for the yard.  We brought some tunes out with us too of course.

I was mostly digging into the two truffle cheeses we bought from Takeaway Gourmet, which are both incredible, and Christopher was eating this stinky, disgusting looking blue (he loved it though):

The entire night was spent in the yard, and once it got late we fired up the BBQ to warm up a smoked turkey leg, which we shared.

It was a great start to what should be a fantastic, fun-filled long weekend, and a beautiful summer!

What are you up to this weekend?
Do you shop at specialty food shops sometimes?  Or mostly stick to the grocery store? 

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope you are having a great long weekend. Hooray for being done with school for the summer! Your school year ends so late! We had a fairly low key weekend as Pail had shots on Friday and we knew he would have a couple of rough days. We had friends over for dinner on Saturday. We got sausages from a Ukrainian deli (the place where we had our rehearsal dinner!) and I made corn on the cob and roasted fingerling potatoes. We kept it easy!

We usually just go to the grocery store unless we are hosting friends and need something special (like the brats we had this weekend). Or if I am making an extra special meal I will get the fish from a fish market.