Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Stuff

1)  Our third anniversary gift to ourselves arrived!

The traditional gift for 3rd wedding anniversaries is leather, so we got leather passport covers.

We took off on our first flight together (to Vegas) in July of 2012, and haven't stopped travelling together since. 

2)  We'll be putting these passport covers to use later this month.  The major snow storm that blew in this past week just made us eager to go on a hot holiday.  It warmed up a bit this weekend, so at least the snow should be melting soon.

3)  Last week we made a bunch of buttermilk waffles to freeze, but also had some for dinner one evening.

4)  We tried a new soup recipe from Smitten Kitchen, but unfortunately weren't overly fond of it.  It sounded promising with sausage, spinach, and sweet potato, but just lacked flavour.  We normally love everything from this blog, so this was a rare miss.

5)  Speaking of Smitten Kitchen, we made her garlic butter roasted mushrooms yesterday as a snack/ lunch, and they were really good.  Of course we were multi-tasking and forgot the final steps of adding lemon juice and parsley when they came out of the oven - darn!  Oh well, they were great anyway. 

6)  When I say we were multi-tasking, that is because we were in the process of making about six-dozen perogies.

Some were our borscht-meets-perogy invention, and others were more traditional, with cheddar, bacon, and onion (ooooh, and sauerkraut too).

7)  On Friday night we got dressed up and went out to a tasting event.

We had such a fun time!

8)  Last night we had a late dinner of salmon, couscous, and salad.

Tonight we're trying a couple new recipes, including artichoke olive crostini, and Korean-braised short ribs.

9)  For the past while we've had a folding-leg table by our kitchen window, just for an extra place to set things when hosting dinner guests, etc.  We never intended for it to be a permanent fixture, and were just waiting until we found the perfect bar cart to take it's place.  When flipping through a magazine one day, we found exactly what we wanted, and then ordered it from Birch Lane.

We love how the glass casts a pretty shadow on the wall.

10)  Well, I have to run - Christopher has these in the oven, and they are almost ready:

Breakfast time!

How has your weekend been?  
What are you making for dinner this evening?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those passport covers are awesome!! What a perfect gift! I need to start to think about our paper anniversary gift! As usual all
The food looks so good. We are getting Ukrainian food this weekend as Phil’s friend is bringing us take out from the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner. I can’t have the pierogie but we split a cabbage roll, a sausage and sauerkraut and I am plenty full between all of that. Your beet pierogies look amazing!!