Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Weekend Eats

Friday was Chinese New Year, so we thought it would be fun to cook up a Chinese dish; we made ginger chicken, and served it over rice.

We had a few yummy breakfasts over the long weekend, and tried a couple new recipes.  We made shakshuka one morning, which is eggs poached in a tomato-based sauce. 

It was really good served with mini pitas.

After breakfast I ate a handful of cilantro, straight up. 

You guys, I think I have problems 😆 

On Sunday Christopher made skillets for breakfast:

And on Monday we had breakfast banh mi sandwiches:

More cilantro!

I was feeling like eggs again today so I had one, a piece of Ezekiel toast (so good), and a bowl of fruit.

For a late lunch/ dinner yesterday we shared a smoked meat poutine.

Then we threw a turkey in the oven, and nibbled on a bit of that for a snack later in the evening.  I'm going to make gravy and sides today, and we'll have that for dinner, and use a bunch of the meat for lunches this week.

Whenever we see turkeys on sale for about $10 we always buy a few and put them in the freezer.  They are super economical, extremely easy to cook, and we never get sick of turkey sandwiches etc.  We've started cooking the turkey one day, and making the sides the next, as we find that we never want to eat a full turkey dinner on the day that we make it.  There is something about smelling it cooking that satisfies us enough, that we usually aren't too hungry that day to eat it.

I am off today, and I didn't do too much other than a bit of straightening up around the house, and some laundry.  The rest of my afternoon will be spent with a book and some tea.

Forever Nuts tea from David's Tea is fabulous!

We only have one David's Tea in town, but every time I am in the mall downtown I stop there.  The other day when Christopher and I were running a couple errands I tried the English toffee tea - mmm!

What is your favourite tea?  Do you ever go to David's Tea?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We only have one David's Tea and it's in the mall of America which is a huge mall that avoid like the plague! So I have never been there. But I have bought David's Tea when I am in other cities and it's sooo good! These days I am loving cinnamon tea. It's so warm and comforting on a cold winter day!

All of your eats look delicious as usual! I can't believe you ate a handful of cilantro! I love cilantro but clearly not as much as you as I don't think I could eat it plain! ;)