Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Third Anniversary

Three years ago we secretly got hitched!  For our first anniversary we enjoyed dinner exactly where we said our vows.  For our second anniversary we went to our favourite restaurant in town, which is now unfortunately closed.  This year we decided to stay in and cook the first dinner that we ever enjoyed together, back in 2012.

We started with a few cheeses as a little snack, while watching Jeopardy.

The cheeses are from Takeaway Gourmet, a wonderful little shop in the Cathedral area.

Dinner was maple-glazed, pepper-crusted salmon, sweet potatoes, and salad.  When we first cooked this meal together we BBQd it, but that was in the spring, and since it's winter now, we replicated this meal in the oven.

Dessert that first meal together was chocolate, vanilla bean pear crumble.  I made it again this evening, with a scoop of ice cream on the side.

Each year we pick out something together that fits with the traditional anniversary gift themes ... paper, cotton, and this year it's leather.  Our gift to ourselves is ordered, and I'll post a pic when it arrives in the mail. 

We have another little at-home celebration for Valentine's day tomorrow, and then on Saturday evening we're having a date night out on the town!

Do you have any anniversary traditions?  
How is your week going so far?


Amber said...

Happy Anniversary!! What an amazing feast you made to celebrate. Cannot believe it has been three years already as I vividly remember you posting about when you guys got married!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy Anniversary! I also can't believe it's been 3 years as I remember when you posted about your secret ceremony! We haven't had our first anniversary yet but hopefully we can go out for a nice dinner at our favorite special occasion restaurant, 112 Eatery. It's where we went the night we got engaged and we still have a gift certificate to use there that we got for our wedding. This year we'll have a 2.5 month old but I have a feeling that Phil's mom will be more than happy to watch him or her while we eat out. :)

My week has been so so. I"ve had a flare for the last 2+ weeks that just won't go away. It's getting beyond old. But my insurance company approved the expensive injection RA drug I'll go on after the baby is born so my RA will be well-managed again soon!!