Thursday, November 23, 2017

Looking Forward

This week started out extremely cold, and we made comforting meals to warm us up.

Chicken and dumplings:

And chicken noodle soup, with a stock we had made the day before:

Both of these meals had leftovers, so we didn't have to do any other cooking this week.  We plan on making beet risotto tomorrow evening.

It warmed up a lot today, and the snow is starting to melt, so that is putting a spring in my step as the weekend approaches.

Looking Forward ...

This weekend I am looking forward to spending time with my mom.  It's her 61st birthday today! 

Next week I am looking forward to getting some more of our Christmas shopping done.  I think we have plans to head out and about each evening next week.  Once we're done making supper, there isn't too much time left for running errands before bedtime, so we have to space out our shopping.

Next weekend I am looking forward to decorating.  I am so excited to pull out the tree and all the other Christmas decorations.  I love how our house looks around the holidays - so colourful, pretty, and warm.  Although, immediately after Christmas I think the decorations need to come down right away.  We never make it to New Years Eve with decorations still up.

This month I am looking forward to a trip to Mexico!  We are heading back to this incredible resort, and are so, so pumped!

Next year I am looking forward to working more with bread baking, trying my hand at rye bread, and white sandwich loaves.

What are you looking forward to?  Have you decorated yet?
Did you make any comforting meals this week?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your trip to Mexico sounds amazing! It will be so great to get away and soak up the sunshine and warm weather! November has been such a cold month for us. It's snowed 4 times but always melts so we don't have it as bad as you guys do. But it seems like an early start to winter! It's warmer now, though, so I am enjoying not having to wear my big, puffy winter jacket!

We are decorating our tree tomorrow! I have a tradition of making a special breakfast and then we decorate the tree. It was Thanksgiving here on Thursday so we've had lots of comfort food. My mom made me my own GF stuffing and sent me home with the leftovers so I have lots of that to eat, which I love. And yesterday I hosted my family and served 2 different kinds of lasagna. There was about a half a pan of lasagna left, so we have yummy leftovers to look forward to this week!

I'm looking forward to our baby arriving in March. Pregnancy has not been easy for me with my RA so I will be happy when it's behind me!

Have fun celebrating your mom's birthday this week. Gosh she is so young. If I remember correctly, she has MS. That is such an awful disease. A couple of my friend's moms have it and it's such a tough diagnosis. :(