Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jello-O Simply Good & Stove Top Stuffing

Jello-O brand recently came out with a new product line, Jell-O Simply Good.  The pudding mixes are made with real ingredients, such as vanilla bean, banana, and cocoa, and the gelatin mixes are made with real fruit juice.  The Jello-O Simply Good line contains no artificial flavours, dyes, or preservatives.

They are made just like the Jell-O brand pudding and gelatin mixes you're used to (add milk for the pudding and water for the gelatin).  I was especially excited about the pudding flavours, and decided to try the chocolate caramel pudding first.

It was ready in minutes, and we topped it with some chocolate chips for a little texture.

The banana pudding is next on my list to try.  The pineapple orange gelatin pack is catching my eye as well.

I got another package of goodies to try recently - Stove Top stuffing mix.  I was very surprised years ago when I first tried this stuff.  I had only ever had homemade stuffing, but was pleasantly surprised when trying Stove Top.  It's moist, which is how I like my stuffing, and it tastes great.

If you want a quick and very easy side for your turkey dinner, Stove Top is definitely good to have on hand.  You boil a bit of water and butter/margarine, add the boxed contents, and ta-da; that's basically it.  There are different varieties, depending what you're going for, including Chicken, Turkey, and Cornbread.  I think it would be fun to mix a couple kinds together if you're cooking for a crowd. 

On Sunday evening we roasted a turkey, and made some gravy.

We put all the meat into a container in the fridge to eat for the start of the week.  On Monday evening we made this recipe on the back of the Turkey Stove Top stuffing mixture:

You just mix chopped up turkey with some veggies and gravy, and then top that with prepared Stove Top stuffing mix and toss it in the oven casserole-style.

We didn't measure anything, and used fresh veggies instead of frozen.  We cooked it a little longer than stated, just because we didn't measure and it looked like it could use a bit more time. 

It turned out perfectly.

We devoured this dinner.  The Stove Top got nice and crispy on top - mmmmmm!

Have you ever had Stove Top stuffing? 
Do you ever buy Jell-O pudding or gelatin?

Full disclosure - The Jello-O products and Stove Top products were provided to me free of charge.  All opinions are my own.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have only had stove top a couple of times. My mom would make it during the year when she wanted a different side for the bigger Sunday meals we tended to have in the fall after church. It's what Phil's mom makes for holidays and now that I know about my gluten intolerance, I can't eat it. I know it's a fast and easy side, though, so I can see why it appeals to people!

I can't remember the last time I had jello! Those pudding flavors sound so good so I will have to see if they are GF and make one!