Friday, December 30, 2016

Eats and Things

Breakfast yesterday included a smoothie with loads of kale, coconut water, a banana, frozen blueberries, and a scoop of cocoa.  On the side, some of my new coffee:

I met up with Christopher for lunch at a new Indian restaurant in town called Tamarind.

We shared the cochin lamb curry, chicken methi, saffron rice, and pershwari naan.  Everything was fantastic!

This restaurant is on the opposite end of town from us, and there is an incredible place that's closer, so I don't know if we'll ever make it to Tarmarind for supper.  We do work near this restaurant, so it might be good for a quick lunch break when we're craving Indian food.

We loaded up on nutrients last night, with ten different vegetables between our big salads and our plate of veggies for dipping.  A generous sprinkle of hemp seeds on top rounded out the salad.

We also enjoyed avocado on toasted olive bread.

This morning was also nutrient rich with a kale, cocoa, banana, coconut water, organic cherry smoothie.  I added some powder made with dried red fruits/veggies for an added vitamin kick.

Cocoa and banana go so well together in any smoothie, and they mask the taste of the greens, if you don't like the thought of drinking salad. 

There are many, many health benefits to unsweetened cocoa powder.  It is a potent super-food, and nutritional powerhouse that is loaded with so many health enhancing minerals etc.  I'd have to do a few posts exclusively on cocoa to even touch on the health benefits of this food.  If you're interested in the health benefits of cocoa I'd read more here, here and here.  In short, you should probably up your cocoa intake; not many foods can compare nutritionally.  I put it in every smoothie that I have (and of course I bake with it too).

After breakfast this morning I headed to the spa to get a hanakasumi exfoliating treatment/ massage and a pedicure.  I was home in time to have lunch ready for my sweetie, and then I sent him off for his last afternoon of work for a bit - yay for holidays! 

Dinner this evening was a big chicken salad:

Happy weekend everyone!

How was your week?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I did not realize there were so many benefits to cocoa. I agree that it pairs perfectly with banana so I will have too add it to smoothies.

Last week was pretty quiet at work, which was kind of nice. We had a wedding in Wisconsin last night so headed there yesterday afternoon. It was a really fun wedding - I've never seen such a packed dance floor!